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Meetings of the Penguicon ConCom are open to the public and held monthly, typically. Below, find information about past meetings and links to the minutes for those meetings.

Upcoming Meetings

Visit the Penguicon Events calendar for upcoming planning meeting information.

Past Meetings

Penguicon 11.0 (2013)

Penguicon 10.0 (2012)

Penguicon 9.0 (2011)

Penguicon 8.0 (2010)

Penguicon 7.0

Penguicon 6.0

  • No minutes added here yet

Penguicon 5.0

Penguicon 4.0

Penguicon 3.0

  • No minutes added here yet

Penguicon 2.0

Penguicon 1.0

  • No minutes added here yet

Todo List

The old minutes need to be linked. I'll get to it ultimately if no one else does ~~~jer

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