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Saturday, April 8 2006. Socializing will begin at 10 AM. The meeting will begin at 11 AM. The hotel staff will join us at noon.

The following is the agenda for the hotel part of the meeting:

12Noon – Introduction’s

  • Key players and MOD schedule

12:15pm – Front desk/Reservations

  • Pick up by day and total pick up
  • Suites-
  • 214-Bill Putt – charges on own
  • 314-Gloria Frey – charges on own
  • 254-Shar Nims – rm/tax charges to master- Nims has another reservation - charges on own
  • 354-Patricia Altergott – rm/tax charges to master – Altergott has another reservation – charges on own.
  • Assigning room numbers – Hotel will attempt to accommodate day of arrival.
  • Requests from group
  • 106 Brendan Durrett – charges on own
  • 149 Con room
  • 148 Con room – Aaron Thul and DeHart – charges to master
  • 108 Rachel Weisenfeld
  • Check out 4pm on Sunday for all above rooms.
  • Check out of 12Noon for remaining of group
  • After 12noon guest will incur a ½ or full day charge depending on time.
  • Complimentary rooms of? to be issued to?
  • Convention Chair will have access to review the in-house guest list on Friday and Sunday
  • Arrival of group?
  • Damage waiver to attendees upon check in.

12:45pm – Housekeeping

  • Service needed? What time?
  • Moving of bed for which 3 rooms? $75.00 per room for group only. Individual requesting furniture moved from rooms will incur a rate of $125.00 per day for storage hotel will have to rent.
  • Inspection of 148, 149, and 254 with kegs - twice daily.

1:00pm – Engineering

  • Electrical Power needs – Internet Access?
  • Signage throughout hotel
  • Masking tape to be used for taping to walls, carpet (foot shape) what cannot be taped?
  • Karaokee Machine in guestroom capabilities

1:15pm – Security

  • Holidome Hours
  • Pool Party
  • Key players of Group will wear badges.
  • Group will supply alcoholic beverages in group’s smoking and non-smoking hospitality (suites), room 149 and Green Room (148). Group agrees beverages cannot be sold or carried to any other space within the hotel including the hospitality room.
  • All night functions – which banquet rooms?
  • Chaos Toy follow up
  • Moving of pool tables/tennis tables follow up

1:30pm – Accounting

  • Method of Payment for master
  • Room’s to master account
  • Looney, DiBona, Hayes, Miller/Lee, room 148 Thul/DeHart, Malokofsky, 2 Dbl NS adjoining in Durret’s name – 8 rooms total

1:45pm – Food and Beverage - Catering/Banquets/Kitchen

  • Review Banquet Event Orders
  • Function space layout per Brendan
  • Meeting room rental of? will be charged
  • Complimentary Reception Thursday
  • Ice daily?
  • Set up of Suites? Tables/Chairs
  • Internet needs in meeting space?
  • Tour refrigeration space after meeting

2:00pm – Wrap up/Open Discussion Italic Text

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