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December 2005 PenguiCon ConCom meeting, Saturday, December 17

In attendance: MattArnold, GeraldGentry, RachelSherman, AaronThul, KimbaWilson, RonWilson

Wiki search has stopped working. RonBlanchett has been e-mailed about it.

We have a hotel contract with the HolidayInn. To reserve a room in the room block for PenguiCon, give the group code APE in the online reservation system.

We have 90 PreRegistrations.

Last year YAARC said they want to do something in 2006. Ask Jay if they're still going to do this.

Should we heavily approach high school computer clubs and robotics clubs to get attendees? Probably not, because we are not a convention oriented to minors and there are liability concerns. Universities should be marketed to because college students have a large enough disposable income to be more likely to attend, and they are over 18.

Some upcoming dates to keep in mind are:

- mailing party the afternoon of Wednesday, December 28. This is the same day as the BoardOfDirectors meeting at Steve's house so we'll see if we can have it there before the meeting.

- Saturday January 14, 1PM onward, PenguiconPublicity blitz at the house of MattArnold, RachelSherman, and JohnGuest.

- the next ConCom meeting on Sunday, January 29, 1PM socializing, 2PM meeting, at AaronThul's house

- CafePenguicon at ConFusion 2006 on Friday, January 20 and Saturday, January 21.

At this point we still don't have a Head of TechProgramming, and CharityAuction person. Our PrizeMistress ChristineBender would be awesome to do the CharityAuction if she would be willing. - email has been sent

AaronThul and MattArnold must schedule the next Programming meeting with TracyWorcester and SusanHarris ASAP. - phone message sent

GeraldGentry suggested inviting the guys from the online game Kingdom of Loathing as NiftyGuests and was approved to send that invite.

CafePenguicon at ConFusion 2006: KimbaWilson will make more fudge. Aaron plans to bake cookies. ChuckChild will hold a taste test to judge different formulations of OpenCola. Aaron asked the wrong person for Ribbons at the company.

RachelSherman says she intends to bake cookies to bribe volunteers at PenguiCon this year.

CharityAuction: AnneMurphy asked GoHs about what charity they would like to support, and suggested that we donate ScienceFiction to schools to promote ScienceFiction fandom. The GoHs liked that idea, and the ConCom really likes it a lot. The details will be a matter of discussion, but we intend to put up a poll on the website. The function to add new polls is not working at the moment.

Mailing: MattArnold will design a new mailer, Aaron will get it printed, BillPutt will use his macro to apply the addresses for us. Aaron would like to have a Kinko's party to figure out what the mailing will say, and so forth.

MattArnold will contact AlisonFrane and HowardTayler about doing our t-shirt design and/or program book cover this year. Howard may be willing to let us print his 2.0 program book front and back cover designs on the front and back of t-shirts. (e-mail sent) Aaron will then approach Off World Designs about t-shirt consignment.

RachelSherman has about 10 volunteers so far. She will get a table at CafePenguicon. Aaron suggests a recruitment poster, which Matt will make. Rachel would like to give out some kind of trinket to bribe volunteers.

The new Staff Photographer will be Bill Kolasa, who will also lead tours.

The online registration system has some glitches under rare circumstances which we will ask Ron B to address.

Ron Wilson has contributed a scalable vector drawing of the hotel function space: (also in PDF and EPS formats:

The next ConCom meeting will be on Sunday, January 29, 1PM socializing, 2PM meeting, at AaronThul's house.

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