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Penguicon Concom Meeting January 29 2006

In Attendance:

MattArnold, ChristineBender, JoeBender, RonBlanchett, SteveCampbell, ChuckChild, DanDeSloover, GeraldGentry, SusanHarris, BillKolasa, JohnMatthews, AnneMurphy, BillPutt, ClarkRodeffer, RachelSherman, AaronThul, RachelWeisenfeld

MattArnold is taking minutes.

Welcome and introductions.

Preregistration numbers 164

ConFusion room party got 13 registrations

Flyer about to go out

Let's put a link to the tentative programming page from the wiki and main page

Let's make some template e-mail tailored for different types of interests

Let's push back the registration deadline by a month, to Feb. 28, because the mailer didn't go out


SharonLee and SteveMiller

AndyLooney, KristinLooney, AlisonLooney



Saturday's [Hotel] Walkthough -- Hotel wireless

in the rooms there will be wired internet free

there will be a wireless hub in the computer lounge

we can't get coverage out to the atrium

we might put a webcam on the chaos machine, as long as we're doing that, maybe attach a wireless point there

since the physical jacks are locked down unless they open them, Kiosk placement is going to be a royal pain

Web Registration -- It's good. Move on.


Need to have a programming meeting

Need to get a Tech programming schedule

Need to talk about Nifties

Programming will start at 10 AM and go until 2 or 3 in the morning

Hour and a half programming blocks

Rooms by the atrium are loud. We will have a quiet floor elsewhere.

Nifty Guests: John Scalzi, Luke Ski, Tom Smith, Karl Schroeder, Will Neibling, William Neibling, Eric Raymond, Kathy Raymond, Clif Flynt

we have to wait to publicize Howard Tayler, Rob Balder, Rob Malda, and Peter Salus until we're sure.

LogFest 2006 will use two or three tables in the BrewStreet cafe dining area, with gaming

LogFest needs a dry-erase board or flipchart on a stand


ConFusion 2006 report

MarCon last year was really successful

CapriCon February 10-12– Aaron is going and has reserved a room

be sure to send flyers with BillPutt to MarsCon

try to send PenguiCon flyers with JohnScalzi to Boskone

The HolidayInn does not allow roll-away beds due to Livonia fire-codes.

Dealers Room

FrancineRossi wants to wrap up the dealers room in the next few weeks.

Pursue an ad exchange with NotaCon

Charity Auction

ChuckFirment will be auctioneer

we had been thinking about going to be an effort to increase readership for science fiction by donating books to school libraries and help students establish clubs

possibly RIF

the list that SteveLee sent AnneMurphy was: Clarion, EFF, SFWA medical emergency fund, supporting library collections of SF

ConCom chose ProjectGutenberg as our charity for this year's auction

it's important to not schedule charity auction during big events

SteveGutterman has all info for last year's auction

we will make sure to have a photo printer at the con for the charity auction

what contributors of items to the auction is a mention at the auction and in the program book

prizes go to masquerade, web design contest, room party contest, any other events that ask for prizes

we will send out requests for items to all GoHs and previous GoHs

Other Business

RonBlanchett has eliminated the bad search engine from the wiki and the good wiki search is still there in a tab

JoeBender would consider doing a panel about antennas and wireless networking in general

JoeBender needs to know what stuff we have for him for JunkPileWars, and please run donations by him so that he can tell you if you should not bring something. Otherwise there will be too much unnecessary junk to transport.

Next meeting-- Saturday February 25 at the home of AaronThul. 1PM socializing, 2PM meeting begins.
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