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October 2012 Meeting Minutes and Agenda


  1. hotel updates
  2. budget needs
  3. wiki updates
  4. themes
  5. email reminders

Next meeting November 11, 2012 1pm at i3Detroit


October 7th, 2012 - Tracey's Cafe - Warren, MI


  • Sparrow (ConChair)
  • Tim Slovik (Programming)
  • James Hice (Tech, Community)
  • Matt Arnold (Program Book, Signage/Graphics)
  • Amanda Long-Adams (Treasurer)
  • Adrienne Patterson (Marketing)
  • Amanda Robinson (Registration)
  • Ben and Jo James (MaYheM Support, Dealer's Room)
  • Mike Bader - LAN Solutions, Inc. (Attendee)

Pre-Meeting Items Discussed:

  • Two complete sets of Dominion card games (including all expansions) have been purchased by the Penguicon Board.
  • Enthusiasm led to plans of a “Play Dominion with the ConChair” to be programmed for the con.
  • The Convention days will have some thematic continuity, including the way programming occurs. Friday: Pirates/Cap'n Sparrow; Saturday: Masks (Including the Masquerade and Prom); Sunday - “Goodbye and thanks for all the fish!”
  • Linux Instructors will be invited from local college campuses.

Meeting Agenda

Next Meeting:

  • November 11, 2012 - 1:00-3:00PM at i3Detroit (1481 Wordsworth, Ferndale, MI)

Next Meetups:

  • October 20 SMOS Dinner, October 21, 2012 Cedar Point Halloweekend (See announcement emails for details)


  • Conchair is currently looking at a contract, and an official announcement is coming.
  • Preliminary dates are April 19-21, held in the building used last year under different ownership/management.


  • Discussion of using additional space (if hotel allows) to provide more lounge space, potential “snack room” to allow quick access and additional seating and curtail crowding problems.


  • ConChair and Treasurer are looking over past budgets and will get new budget approved once hotel details are confirmed.
  • Programming budgets will be determined and announced after total budget approval.


  • Registration system is being determined over the next month
  • paper registrations will be accepted if necessary;
  • Landyards/Pins and recycling will be options again this year.
  • New artwork will be designed by Tim Slovik to use for badges, which will correspond with theme being used on tshirts and website.


  • Food Track Head is needed
  • Charity Project Manager is needed.
  • DIY and Green are being utilized into all tracks (to reflect wishes of the ConChair).
  • Tech will be larger and separated into subtracks
  • The wiki page for programming will reflect all preliminary events, panels, demos, etc. as they are submitted to give advance notice and entice attendees.
  • The deadline for track heads to provide panels to Tim is March 8th.


  • Talent Wrangler is now active and enthusiastically inviting Guests of Honor with the ConChair.
  • Send suggestions or established “celebrity” contacts to [email protected]


  • No update needed until hotel confirmation.

Wiki Page:

  • Staff page has now been fully updated.
  • Feel free to look for openings or contact current staff to provide assistance.


  • An information packet will be developed by Tim and Sparrow to be available to anyone to present to groups, clubs, etc. in order to attract attendees or participation at the con.


  • Idea to use traffic cones or other device to identify active gaming tables looking for participants.

Dealer Room:

  • Information is needed as soon as possible to provide application to potential dealers.
  • Application deadline will be January 1st.
  • Notification to dealers will be mid-February.
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