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Penguicon 2011 Concom Meeting
March 20, 2011

Meeting officially started at XX:XXpm




  • Sheryl Bradakis (Masquerade)
  • Matt Arnold (Publications and Signage)
  • Randy Bradakis (Sponsorship and Marketing and Liaison for Mitch/Jimmie)
  • David Adams (Webcomics and Artist's Alley)
  • Dan Eckard (Logistics)
  • Gib (LUG Wrangler!!)
  • Shar Nims (Consuite)
  • John Davis (Gaming)
  • Cassandra Neff (Gaming)
  • Heather (Kylia's cute little taxi)
  • Ryan Carey (Video Game Track)
  • James Hice (Community)
  • Nikki (Entourage)
  • Sparrow (Eco Track)
  • Timothy James Slovik Esq. (After Dark, Life, Food, Costuming, Film)
  • Anna H-P (Volunteers)
  • Ossy (Networking Stuff)
  • Alex Drummer's Brother (Sanderson Liaison)
  • Angie Foxx (Dealer's Room & T-Shirts)
  • Jamie Liss (Charity Auction)
  • Springer (Charity Auction / DJ)
  • Trevor Jagoda (Slacker…Hotel Second, Programming Second, Second Second, 2012 First)
  • Chris Catlett (Commputer Lounge)
  • Jim Fulner (Present and Whatever we can rope you into)
  • Suzanne Fulner (Entourage)



Wedding at Penguicon

  • Having a mass wedding before closing ceremonies on Sunday
    • If you are interested, contact life@

Frontalot concert

  • Thursday free show gleaners/ forgotten harvest
    • Free with membership to Penguicon!
    • James will set up a reservation form…first emailed, first served
    • Aaron will provide registrant list to Sken weekend before
    • Staff will check IDs on entry
    • 8pm Concert
    • Aaron will be helping with A/V on Thursday.

Events that we will need Howard for

  • Toastmaster (Jer Loves Toast!)
    • Thursday
      • Frontalot Concert
    • Friday
      • Opening Ceremony
      • Last Year's Conchair Roast
    • Saturday
      • Masquerade
      • Rock Band Rockoff
      • Auction (Maybe sunday)
    • Sunday
      • Closing Ceremony

Web Conference

  • MDLug wants to run a web server and allow web conferencing INTERNAL
  • Allows people to stream events live
  • Currently doesn't record…might be able to
    • Network would just host their server

GoH Dinner

  • Dinner in house
    • 6pm start
    • RSVP hotel@ with a count of attendees if you wish to attend
    • Buy your own dinner you cheap FUCKERS

Individual Reporting



  • If you haven't turned in expenses, you aren't going to get paid.
  • Snoop doggy dog gotta get a jobby job
  • Update your wiki section if you want cash


  • Need to see the fridge/freezer during walkthrough
  • Appear to be fully staffed
  • LN2:
    • Jer will get LN2
    • Dairy stuff ordered through consuite


  • All is well.


  • 117 programming items with some track heads outstanding
    • Life
    • DIY
    • Eco
    • Gaming
    • Music
    • Deadline is on the 25th


  • Less than 100 rooms left
  • Email me if you want shit
  • Artist's Alley
  • Food and Eco rooms in the same location as they were
  • Same setup for Reg as last year + nw cable to satellite location


  • For special requests email no later than Easter Sunday (24 April)
  • Badge Art
    • Randy is going to verify that we can use last year's art
  • Staff lists need to be submitted to Aaron as a simple listing
    • First Name, Last Name, Badge Name, Email



  • Angie (Dealers)
    • T-Shirts
      • If you pre-order your shirt, you get it at $5 off if you are staff and concom
      • Deadline Friday 25th
      • Email dealers@
  • Jamie (Auction)
    • Have bid sheets in hall near ops?
  • Springer (DJ)
    • Info about A/V for dance, Springer will contact Aaron
  • Andrew (Brandon's Liaison)
    • If you need stuff from Brandon, email Andrew asap
    • drummera04@yahoo
  • Anna H-P (Volunteers)
    • Ask for what you need asap!
    • Check the wiki
  • Tim (Life and all)
    • LN2 is it's own budgetary thing
    • Food products come out of food track budget
  • Sparrow (Eco)
    • Needs to communicate with Marketing to advertise the bring-your-own-badge-holder raffle
    • No masseuses :(
      • If you know of someone that might be willing to volunteer massage hours, they can get staff benefits for doing so
      • Spread the word
  • Ryan (Video Games)
    • Rock band rock off needs equipment
    • Jer should contact Jordan about that
  • Gib (Video conferencing)
    • Among people that submit usable video, the person that submits the most usable video gets a free membership to next year
  • Dan (Logistics)
    • Need new plastic sheeting (hotel's budget)
    • Need to coordinate with Aaron and Consuite to arrange truck schedule
  • Randy (S & M)
    • Jer should contact monster….
  • Matt (Publications)
    • Needs bios badly
  • Scott (Frontalot)
    • Video game panels
    • A/V needs with Aaron
    • Tabletop gaming panels
    • Vols/Staff
  • Chris (Network Wrangler)
    • Bring the CRTs from truck
  • Sheryl (Masquerade)
    • Nobody for half time show
    • 15-20 minute skit or something
    • 8pm-ish on Saturday

Next Meetings

  • Apr 9th ConCom…Noon meeting, 2pm walkthrough (Troy Marriott)

Meeting proper adjourned at 3:48pm by Jer.

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