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Penguicon 2011 Concom Meeting
August 7, 2010

Meeting officially started at 10:07pm





  • Tracy Pegg
  • Marah Tynan



There is no agenda

Individual Reporting


Jer Lance

Kylia Zrnich

  • Total staff of 6 with one opening left
  • Same hospitality suite as last year
    • Can beer move?

Aaron Thul

Bill Korsak

Amanda Long-Adams

  • Need a copy of the budget
    • Limey will pass on the budget
  • Needs expense form on the wiki
    • Jer will do this today

Christine Bender

  • Total staff of 14, Still need staff
  • Needs permissions to edit the wiki
  • Will email Limey asking about staff list
    • Limey will respond to that email

Limey Zrnich


Jen Toby

  • Needs staff
  • Needs a password reset
  • Working on gettin the Gencon library for our con

James Hice

  • Working on a 30 October halloween party at i3 Detroit
  • SMOS Dinners
    • Need volunteers
    • James will make a Google Spreadsheet and form and publicize

Sparrow Slovik

  • Need massage therapists
    • Looking at local spas
  • Likes the room from last time

Tim Slovik

  • If you have life ideas…send emails to life@

Sheryl Bradakis

  • Cyberpunk theme
  • Jimmie P Rodgers might judge
  • Backdrop should be done earlier not later

Randy Bradakis

  • If you have ideas or communities for marketing, talk to Randy (marketing@ or sponsorship@)
  • Randy will compile a list of conventions on the wiki that we can advertise at in some way

Trevor Jagoda

Jamie Liss

  • representing a DJ
  • Will compile a list of requests to pass on to the Life Track (life@)
    • This includes equipment and “what can we do”

Ron Blanchett

  • Website up and running
  • Email is up and running
    • Email webmaster@ if your email isn't working (Yes, email if your email isn't working)
  • If you have a department, edit your wiki pages

Nicole Yates

  • Assistant to the Conchair

Mark Szlaga

  • BEER!

Courtney Galloway

  • Waiting for approval on Nifty letters (from Limey and Bill)
    • This should also be run by marketing
  • Writer's Workshop will happen this year
    • Nobody currently has agreed to run it, but there are strong possibles
    • This can't be solidified until letters are agreed upon

Chris Catlett

Ed Chaltron

  • Enjoys reg, looks like he'll go again…the fool!!!

Others in Attendance

Next Meetings

  • September 26th ConCom…12pm Gathering, 1pm Start…Tentatively at the Marriott

SMOS Dinners

  • SMOS at Livonia Radisson, 13 August 2010, at ConStruct (
  • If you want to throw a SMOS dinner or party, please contact us at [email protected]

Meeting proper adjourned at 11:32am by Jer.

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