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Meeting comes to order at 1636.

In attendance:

Sarah Joey Mara Janet Nuri Jamie Nichole Kat Amanda Some guy who is just here, may be a Marriott Platinum that was looking for his concierge lounge. Richard Tim Tim D Jo Amanda Christine Marshall John B Dan Michael Kalika Lithie

Sarah has announcements! We have GOHs. In fact, all of them (list follows):

Jim C Hines Jeff Potter (Author of Cooking for Geeks) Mike Schmitt (Raspberri pi/arduino) Nick Farr (Johnny Appleseed of Hackerspaces) Jason Denzel (runs the largest wheel of time fansite) Michael W Lukas (Tech Author, Blogger)

All guests, except Jeff Potter, will need a liaison. Email [email protected] if you’re interested. Liaison are contact persons, ride from airport, special needs…managing their schedule, any gophering, etc.

We have come up with a marketing strategy. We’re looking for people to sign up and agree to go to local colleges to put the word out. That consists of going to the college, finding their main halls, international, center unions, etc., and post flyers, requests for panelists, etc.

Wiki is looking great. Be sure to keep your stuff updated. We’re also working on updating the website with current content. We want to make sure that it’s reflecting what we’re doing this year.

Green Room for the GOHs… currently being handled between Nuri and Sparrow. Lithie asks to be kept in the loop. Will go in a green room. Shopping and staffing IMPORTANT CONCERNS.

Next meeting here in the hotel, March 3, 1pm.

Registration: Do we have past data on what advertising is most helpful? Can we add this to registration? Question to james? Referral source? Can we swap ads with our GOHs? We normally take out a metro times ad, costs $500, are we getting the bang for our buck? Steve G says in 10 years of Penguicon, he’s never been told about anyone who has seen a Penguicon ad. Nuri suggests a Specialty link that will generate some marketing data (unique links per college, etc.) Informal registration survey? Raffle off a Penguicon t-shirt or something like that.

Targeted Google or Facebook ad?

T-Shirt art? The art is done. Jamie is waiting on it. We’re discussing the content information that would need to go on it. Will be wrapped up this week. How many shirts can we give out free or for promotional?

Programming: One of the things we’re working on is the scheduling software. If people want to provide suggestions to Tim, please do so. We have been doing a lot of updates to the Wiki and the online submission form is going. Current staff is showing. Appropriate links to information about presenting is done. Track heads are updated, all have their format for keeping all the data. Now is the rust of presenting. Rolling out, over the next two weeks for next track, a short description and a call for panelists. Remaining two track heads have been filled – food and literature – and we’re totally excited to have both of them. All of the tracks for the first time in any memory are filled! Any additional content suggestions, be sure to get it to Tim or to your individual track head. Nuri winked suggestively at Tim. No one knows why. They may have shared a moment.

Everything you submit to the online form is going to Tim, bypasses him completely. Tim will send things out to the Wiki as he gets them. Nifties, performances, concerts, etc. TLDR: go to the wiki, it’s up to date.

Volunteers: Get your volunteer hour requests to Kalika ([email protected])

THERE IS A KEY. IT IS CURRENT. NO NEED TO REKEY THE STORAGE CUBE. It's now in the pocket of Janet's purse. She'll get some copies made.

Meeting is adjourned as of 1656.

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