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Penguicon ConCom Meeting – 03-03-2013 Meeting comes to order at 1318

In attendance:   

Sparrow Mara Christine Amanda Matt Michael Dan Lithie John Bell Jo Jamie Tim John W Nuri (provider of ice and notes) Hice Amanda


Tim can’t be here today due to unexpected business.  Here’s his agenda.  *Original deadline for track heads to submit to Tim was 8-Mar.  Will now allow through 10-MAR. * As much programming as possible needs to get toi Tim’s hands by this date.  This is not the end all be all; however, the sooner, the better.  Priority is given to everything submitted by this deadline. After this deadline, track heads may continue to get program participants, but be wary of timelines with the program book…

Track heads must submit the track list by April 14 to Amanda ([email protected]) to get the staff badge and staff rate.  

Tim will be organizing a scheduling party toward the end of March.  Date will come in programming email.  Attendance is not mandatory, but it’s important to make sure panels won’t overlap.  Also a good way to thank people for the hard work. 

120 hours of programming have already been submitted!!

Wiki is super updated.  Email [email protected] if you have any programming related questions.  


Guestionnaires are being compiled.  Lithie wants allergies, likes/dislikes, etc. Nuri needs preferences lists ASAP for hotel booking. 


We now have a Google ad! Placed yesterday! Many thanks to Christine, Mara, and Joe! Adrienne was not part of it, but Christine had to do it.  25 keywords are to appear… Wil Wheaton is not one of them.  GOHs are included, as well… Open/Source Sci Fan?  Join us for a weekend of fun!

Ribbon ordering – James?  What’s the deadline for ribbons?  We’ll hear from Larson’s by Monday as of last drop dead date for submission.  Website form is already there from last year, Misha is changing a few things, James is waiting on Misha?  Sparrow to start conversation between everyone.  We should be going live on ribbons now.  

No luck on sponsorships.  It’s a rough market out there.

Matt asked question about projectors – Marshall is the AV wrangler and is wrangling away.


April 14 deadline for staff badges!!! After that, bribe level goes up exponentially.  

On track assuming that artwork is coming form Tim?  It has been discussed, but not provided. 

Press badges?  Should we create them?  Maybe a trial press badge?  Sparrow not a firm decision on this one.  Matt says we’ve let press in for free in the pass.   Please write “press pass” on badge and let them in.  Down to registration to provide. Marketing, maybe?  Sparrow to check with Adrienne. 


Lithie looking for volunteers to take Shasta cans… she has six.

Three rooms will be provided for storage, since the LN2 containers need to be geographically separated… but rooms must condense on Sunday night.  Food track head typically arranges shopping list for LN2 ice cream and the gas.  Prices are up on gas, someone at the note taking end of the table snickered.

Lithie concern about elevator lobby on the consuite floor.  Nuri comments that this is a noisy floor.  Also, new idea for “Official Helpful Person” ribbon that will slap drunk stickers on people who've overconsumed and have passed out, kinda like the ones that get slapped on your car when you break down.  Janet mentions that these stickers shouldn't come off easily (just like the ones on your car).  We all agree that staff, concom, and ops should be vigilant without being formalized security. 

Sparrow:  send your preferred beer list ASAP

Logistics:  when do you want to go to the cube?  Janet says any day.

Lithie takes a moment to mention our alcohol policy:  Penguicon does not serve liquor.  If you are serving alcohol in a panel, go to Lithie.  Room party head person needs to register their room party.  Programming needs to have food track bring those people to sign the alcohol waiver.  This is a big deal.  With keg, we have to turn over ID.   Random people can’t just pick them up.    Liquor can come into the con suite, it cannot leave. 


ROOM BLOCK IS 75% FULL.  Book your rooms now, or be banished to overflow hotel!   Nuri had a little bit of leverage with the hotel, so he's added 30 additional rooms per night to the block.  

Registration numbers from the website are perfectly on-track.

Nuri to make reservations for the following con-owned hotel rooms:

(2) Male Gopher (1) Female Gopher (1) punxsutawney phil (just kidding, all this talk about gophers got him riled)

Gopher hole rooms need to have extra towels and toiletries and the male rooms need frequent cleaning. 

(2) Makerspace - beds removed, charges blocked, master bill (1) Food track - beds removed, charges blocked, master bill (1) Green Room - beds removed, secret location, charges blocked, master bill (1) Conchair Room, master bill, all charges accepted, master bill (6) GOH Rooms, master bill, all charges accepted, master bill

Nuri confirms that all these reservations have now been made (as of 4-MAR).  Nuri to email talent to get their preferences

CONCOM AND STAFF NEED TO MAKE THEIR OWN RESERVATIONS if they haven't already. Your hotel liaison will not be making them for you.   ConCom get a slight discount on their rooms, Nuri will rerate, but staff pay regular rate.  

Guest of honor dinner?  Need to discuss more with Sparrow.  Guest of honor reception?  Where?  Nuri suggests Martini lounge. Lots of head nodding.  

Garbage cans in every room! Water in every room.

F/B hours for the bar and Starbucks.

Hanging banners in the ballrooms - question from Rocky Horror Track.

Outside tent mentioned again for smoking - Nuri to ask.

Room party coordinator?  Need to start those discussions quickly.

Confirm space in corporate fridges – 4 speedrack. Will need that space on Thursday.   

MPCon?  Doing anything?

*HOTEL DEADLINE FOR BLOCKING PLANS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY APRIL 7* This includes the hospitality suite, dealers room, and all locations that will contain programming!


PROGRAM BOOK IS CLOSED AS OF 3/31. Be sure to get your stuff to Matt.  Programming has a little leeway, mid April.

LAST DAY to order Signage is 3/31.  Matt wants it all wrapped up by end of this month.  During the month of April, the signage will be getting made.  Matt needs to know an estimate of what you'll actually need, and he will help you hash out the minutia by early April.


No updates.


Steel Batallion Rig? Should promote before they come.  Need dimensions and power requirements. 

Rock band Rockoff!!!  Looking for an XBOX or PS3 and two guitars.  Drums? If you want to volunteer your equipment, we'd love to have it… and we'll keep it safe!  Email [email protected]


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