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November 11, 2012 - Penguicon Planning Meeting - i3 Detroit


Sparrow, James Hice, Adrien (Volunteers), Matt Arnold, Jon Wallace, Adrien (Marketing), Mara, David (Chaos Machine), Kyle, Tim Downing, Jer, John Bell (via Skype), Tim Slovik



  • Reminder that the next meeting is December 16, at the Corner Street Brewery in Ypsilanti (720 Noris Street, Ypsilanti, MI, 48198) Pre-meeting at Noon, Official Start 1PM
  • January Meeting will happen at ConFusion at 3PM on Jan 20. If you are not attending ConFusion, you need not pay admittance fee to attend the meeting, as long as you do not come before 3PM. ConFusion will take place at the DoubleTree @ Ford Road and Southfield , and future info will come as to room location.


  • Registration - N/A
  • Consuite - Report submitted, all activity on track
  • Sponsorship - Report submitted, awaiting hotel info
  • Treasurer - No updates
  • Talent - New member - Kyle Manner is accepting ideas, connections, and contact info, and can be reached at
  • Ops - On track
  • Program Ops - On track
  • Marketing - On track, in need of set dates
  • Volunteers - Contemplating the discontinuation of Woofies as currency received for volunteer hours, but ConCom is interested in using them as commemorative souvenirs or for other uses
  • Logistics - Our Logistics Guy, Dan has resigned we are looking for someone interested in keeping inventory, and managing volunteers associated with deliver of our supplies to the con, as well as other related duties. If interested, contact . Look for an announcement about a “Storage Party” to clean up and provide latest inventory on our storage space.
  • Programming - On track, potential volunteer for the vacant Food Track Head position. The Literature Track Head has resigned. Anyone interested in assisting with the track should contact .
  • Hotel - Negotiations with the new ownership of what was called the Dearborn Hyatt did not materialize. Fresh negotiations were to begin with new ownership. Jer will attempt to obtain a contract with them, and if successful will set up the relationship with the hotel before stepping down from his position. Any other hotel negotiations must be handled by other members of the community/ConCom. Announcement has been made looking for ideas and volunteers who wish to assist in this task.

Meeting Adjourned.

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