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Penguicon 2010 Concom Meeting
January 9, 2010

Meeting Announcement

12PM Troy Marriott

Meeting officially started at 12:51pm




  • David Adams
  • Chris (Ossy) Krieger
  • Sparrow Slovik
  • James Hice
  • Ryan Carey
  • Matt Arnold
  • Yanni Kuznia
  • Mark Szlaga
  • Angela Panera
  • Steve Dehart
  • Limey Zrnich



Departmental staffing

  • Need:
    • Green Room – Jer / Lisa L. (Hotel question)
      • Jer is still working with the hotel on this at the moment
    • Tech GoH Marcel Gagne Liaison – Brought to you by Snap-L
    • Tech GoH Joe Brockmeier Liaison – Trevor!
    • Community Manager - We really, really need someone for this
    • Program Operations - We really, really need someone for this too
    • Sponsorship – Randy filling in.
    • Marketing – We really, really need someone for this too
      • Howard Tayler is the wrangler
      • Perhaps we don't need a wrangler
        • It will appear in the Computer Lounge
        • Lounge people will watch like hawks
          • Like blind hawks with mental deficiencies
          • Logistics will handle delivery and inventory
    • Geeks with Guns – Cancellation announcement following ConCom Meeting
      • Geeks with Gadgets…arduino panel and stuff
        • Can we find someone stable to do the panel

Sponsorship -

  • Website's Sponsorship Page is only current document. (what were reg #'s for past 3 years?)
    • 1200
    • 1050
    • 800
  • Jer will make a page or two and set sponsorship level info by 30 Jan 2010

Volunteers -

  • Volunteer question – how many hours for a weekend pass?
    • 8 Hours will work
    • No supplying free passes for dead people
  • Who is in charge of volunteers before the convention, to sign them up?
    • Anna

Hotel -

  • Carpet vs. BristleBot ?
    • This will be an outside activity
  • Publishing “discourage last-minute room reservation”.
    • Jer will send something to the list encouraging early reservation

Registration -

  • Add T-Shirt to Pre-Reg form, AFTER having graphic already – Howard Tayler Liaison update?
    • David Adams will contact Howard Tayler about this

Sound Level Guy Complaint -

  • “My name is <raging cock monkey>, and I am writing to make one last attempt to meet with the Con Committee and board of directors before it becomes necessary to take legal action against the convention that will shut down the convention this year.”
    • Mr. Cock Monkey will not be allowed at the Con this year

Meeting Notification

  • Meeting notification automation will be investigated by Randy asap.
  • Randy vows not to delegate this ever to anyone
  • This is definitely something Randy really wants to do all on his own
  • But Jer insists on doing it himself, or allowing his staff to take care of it.
  • Thanks to Chris for doing this for Jer.

Micky Survived in spite of Courtney not being present

Individual Reporting



  • Trevor has a programming meeting today
  • Music track has been reigned in-ish
  • Jer is Zonker's liaison
    • Trevor will send emails to Micki re: liaisons
  • Program book


  • Had to leave early


  • All programming people need to get nifty information to Micki
  • Nobody is a nifty, nor will receive the nifty rate, unless Micki is told that they are a nifty
  • Matt is “[email protected]
  • Micki will send GoH Questionnaires today


  • If you have network requirements…contact Ossy ([email protected])
  • Jer is going to contact
  • Ossy found a cost effective way to take credit cards at reg
    • He will check to see if we can test this method
    • Jer will dick with the budget and find the money…SHOW ME THE MONEY
  • Jer is supposed to get a count of suites…will do today
  • Jer will figure out what the fuck we decided about the fucking room parties (fuck)
  • Possible room party at Capricon
  • Computer Lounge
    • Ossy will email MUGs about participating
    • He also has a backup method of getting 20 systems squared


  • Amanda has expense report forms if you need reimbursement


  • Brian has computers squared through Ossy (6)
  • Credit cards will be taken on site
  • Trevor is going to ask Canonical for donations
  • Jer is going to ask Zonker for donations from SUSE
  • Badge graphic from Howard?
    • On its way


  • Randy has nuthin'


  • Yanni -
    • Remove old writer's workshop stuff ASAP (Trevor's job)
    • Nifty info will go to Micki
    • Flood the Internet with a certain author's name
      • Schedule a signing for him at 7am on Sunday morning
  • Bill Korsak -
    • Gaming GoH?…not this year
    • Howard Tayler wants to do gaming stuff though!
  • Steve Dehart
    • On schedule
  • David Adams
    • Nothing to report
  • Amber Lance
    • My father is a jackass
  • Sparrow Slovik
    • Sparrow broke a rib bunjie jumping from a short tree
    • Massage room was successful last year, but needs to happen without supervision this year if it will happen at all
      • We must consider other options
  • James Hice
    • Welcome Mr. Sponsorship
  • Ryan Carey
    • Scaling back on the flood of panels and on no-show panelists from last year
    • Looking for panelists to volunteer for specific panels

Next Meetings

  • February 6th ConCom…noon pre-meeting, meeting start promptly at 1pm (Randy's House)

SMOS Dinners

  • SMOS at Randy's place TBA soonish.
    • (Probably the 6th but don't hold us to that, we lie sometimes)
      • Seriously, we lie, remember when we said we would still respect you in the morning? Lies.
  • If you want to throw a SMOS dinner or party, please contact us at [email protected]

Meeting proper adjourned at 3:34pm by Jer Lance (Well, not exactly, but the person taking the meeting minutes seems to think that he is the guy who runs the meeting. Don't say anything, you'll spook him, and nobody else takes notes that are anywhere as entertaining.)

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