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Penguicon 2010 Concom Meeting
December 12, 2010

Meeting officially started at 4:18pm




  • Bob Brodis (Ops Staff)
  • Sheryl Bradakis (Masquerade)
  • Anna Held-Petrak (Volunteers)
  • Ryan Carey (Video Game Track)
  • Randy Bradakis
  • Mark Themmul

Next Meetings

  • No January Meeting.
  • February: 20th at Noon at the Troy Marriott




  • Randy needs ads for Metro Times and Real Detroit
  • Still needs a graphics person
    • 1 February deadline for graphics contest

GoHs -

  • Still need liaison for Mitch Altman/Jimmie Rogers
  • Will start evaluating Hack of Honor in January

Charity Auction -

  • Still hasn't heard back from Child's Play
  • If they don't hear back by end of December, they will move to another charity

Programming -

  • Still need to get programming@ forwarded properly to Bill.

Website -

  • Website is up and running.
  • Waiting on email service control so that can be configured
  • New website demo will happen at the end of the meeting

Consuite -

  • Beer Trolls have to be staff
    • All will be trained
    • All will sign off on a policy document
  • Need times for concierge lounge
  • Beer across the hall

Operations -

  • Nothing to report

Volunteers -

  • Anna has never actually been asked by Operations
  • Is Anna running Volunteers

Registration -

  • Nothing to report…acquired some laptops

Treasurer -

  • We have spent $2,200 in Marketing
  • We are getting fees on our credit cards that need be looked into

Hotel -

  • Documents up on wiki from last year
  • Please review and post changes to me
    • Sound layout for big-top needs to be addressed with Aaron and his dad
  • ConCom email me room requirements
  • Liaisons need to send me information about the room requirements of their GoHs
  • GoH Dinner in Hotel Restaurant

Open Floor

  • Why is Linux underrepresented this year

Meeting proper adjourned at 17:29pm by JER.

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