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Penguicon 2010 Concom Meeting
November 22, 2009

Meeting Announcement

12PM Yanni and Brian's Home

Meeting officially started at 12:27pm





Program Book

  • How do we get the program book *done*
    • Program book should be printed in situ for each meeting so that we can show where we're at

We Have No Agenda...

Individual Reporting



  • GoHs are squared away
  • Nifty invitations are going out
  • Nobody should send any more nifty invites without contacting Micki
  • Missing track heads: life, anime (if we want panels)
    • B'bye Life Track. Trevor will manage that.
    • If nobody expresses an interest in wrangling anime panels that will go away


  • Chuck is getting quotes on food and such
  • Menu dreamed up
  • Needs reliable staff
  • Mixed drink in consuite?
    • Good idea? Bad idea?


  • Still alive
  • Do we have a liaison for Joe Brockmeier and Machel Gagne?
    • Trevor is a liar
  • Micki has a listing of every nifty we've ever had.
    • We aren't going to just use this as a “who to invite” list
    • That list will get placed on the .info site


  • If you have room requirements, contact me
  • Bristlebot races in the hallway?!?!!?
    • If the carpet vs bristlebot question can be satisfied, Jer will ask
  • Visio diagrams almost done
  • How many suites
  • To do list
    • Web form for Yanni


  • If you need money, get expense report to Amanda asap
  • End of February, suite assignments will be announced


  • Aaron will soon be his minion
  • Registrations on the website works
  • Would like T-shirts on the site, should happen soon
  • Can we get a credit card machine?
  • Where did the paper registrations go?


  • Stuff to do
    • Make a sponsorship prospectus
    • Make a frickin' agenda
    • Email board re: key for storage cube



  • Walked through the hotel
  • Mike is director of engineering
  • Video booth on roof
  • Nuri needs room 1709
  • Needs larger staff
    • Chris and Nuri will get in contact with one another on this.
  • Needs $100 for shipping equipment


  • Nifties: Cherie Priest, Tobias Buckell, Sarah Monette, Doselle Young, Sarah Hoyt (maybe)
  • Programming participation form - Jer will make a web-based email form
  • Writers Workshop

Dan E

  • Need key
  • Dear fucking board. Can we please, pretty please, have the ability to run this con thing you've probably heard about. I say heard, because almost none of you are actually IN the community, so you must only know through others. xoxo, Penguicon 2010.
  • If you need stuff delivered at a specific place/time, talk to Dan

Next Meetings

  • December 12th Board Meeting
  • January 9th ConCom and Programming Meeting (tentatively at the Troy Marriott)

SMOS Dinners

  • December 12th SMOS?
  • If you want to throw a SMOS dinner or party, please contact us.

Meeting proper adjourned at 2:09pm by Chair.

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