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Penguicon 2011 Concom Meeting
February 20, 2011 Meeting officially started at 12:32pm





  • Trevor Jagoda (Absent from Hotel Liaison duties mostly)
  • Ossy Krieger (Network)
  • Matt Arnold (Pubs & Signage)
  • Jamie Liss (Auction)
  • Dan Eckerd (Logistics)
  • Ryan Carey (Video Game Track)
  • Anna Held-Petrak (Volunteers)
  • Dave Adams (Webcomics & Artist's Alley)
  • Shawn McGraw (Gaming)
  • Jenn Toby (Gaming)
  • John Davis (Gaming)
  • Mark Szlaga (Hospitality)
  • Jennifer Szlaga (Hospitality)
  • Shar Nims (Hospitality)
  • Chris Catlett (Computer Lounge)
  • Angie Fox (Dealer's Room)
  • James Hice (Communications & Community & Looking Damned Pretty)
  • Virtual Misha (Ribbons)

Others in Attendance

  • Gib (MDLug)

Individual Reporting

James (Community)

  • Needs SMOS hosts, please contact him at community@


  • Perhaps internally network-cast presentations?
  • Working with Ossy on that

Angie (Dealer's)

  • Dealer's room is sold out plus waiting list
  • i3 does not need a table
  • When is room available?

Chris (Computer Lounge)

  • Going to need overnight staff
  • Will publish to list to find people

Shar (Hospitality)

  • No chance of Concierge Lounge on Thursday night

Jenn (Gaming)

  • Working on schedule
  • If you are interested in running a game, contact gaming@
  • Looking for staff and volunteers for overnights

Anna (Volunteers)

  • If you need volunteers, you can just add them to the wiki (Volunteers page… perhaps volunteers) or email Anna volunteers@
  • If you think you asked for it, and it's not on the wiki, you didn't.
  • Can we ensure that wuffie is spendable at the hotel?
  • Beer trolls must be staff and must be found that way, not through volunteers.

Ryan (Video Gaming Track)

  • Just sent schedule to Bill
  • If you know someone who wants to do a video game panel or if you'd like to be on some, email videogaming@

Dave the Canadian (Webcomics)

  • Artist's Alley full…
  • Where is it going to be? What is it? Why is it? Ahhhhhh!
  • Webcomics programming is in and submitted to Bill

Dan (Logistics)

  • Storage cube is re-inventoried
  • Should have the inventory on wiki by next weekend
  • Stupid monitors should go away
  • Dan is going to coordinate with James and/or Gibs to manage away all of our useless stuff
  • Truck is going to cost about $400

Jamie (Auction)

  • Currently taking donations for the convention
  • Will email webmaster@ to get access to email account
  • Wiki has been set up

Amanda (Treasurer & Room Parties)

  • Needs to get Limey a credit card
  • Nothing new to add, but if you spend money, you need to submit an expense report form asap
  • Email treasurer@ if you need a form or if you need to know about your budget
  • Room parties
    • Cutoff for suites: end of February so they can be juried
    • Need to have a rules form put together

Matt (Pubs & Signage)

  • Souvenir book deadline: March 4th
  • Schedule book deadline: March 25th
  • Proofing drafts will be out before 1 April, and need to be back by the 5th
  • Printer cannot take anything after early of April.
  • Souvenir book…if you don't want to change your text, please respond and approve it
  • If you want to change it, change it and respond

Ossy (Network)

  • No planned changes from last year
  • Please email network@ if you have questions
  • Need to work with hotel to get the lobby televisions set up

Jer (Hotel)

  • New contact (dunno who yet) on the hotel side
  • Hotel is nearly full, get your ducks in a row or get left out
  • If you have something to ask the hotel, talk to me
    • This includes on the weekend itself ($1,330 wasted last year)
  • Room layouts due March 4th
  • No special snowflakes, all requests will be emailed per the way things have been handled for 4 years
  • Deadline page on the wiki?

Christine (Ops)

  • Needs Ops staffers, contact ops@ to work

Bill K (Programming)

  • Tracks
    • Costuming, Food, Mayhem, and Life are in the Life Track now
    • Anime Track is going to die…unless there is some new person to run it
    • DIY - Brad is still running it, despite not being able to attend
      • Needs to find a liaison for Mitch/Jimmie
    • Eco - Still going, need to discuss location
    • Gaming - On target, has programming
    • After-Dark - Has programming
    • Lit - Lots of programming plus writing seminar
    • Music - Has overtaken the con
    • Podcasting - also huge programming
    • Science - Is frickin' massive
    • Tech - Fleshing out nicely
    • Video Gaming - Fleshlight
    • Webcomic - David has passed on panels
    • Mayhem - Aegis is concerned…this has been placed under Life
    • Penguicon - Board meeting, intro to the con…Matt will contact

Virtual Misha (Ribbons)

  • Need ribbon orders
  • Please help spread the word
  • Needs official list of ribbons from Limey
  • Also needs list from Limey from GoHs
  • Ribbon ordering deadline is March 11th

Next Meetings

  • March 20th at 1pm ConCom…Troy Marriott

SMOS Dinners

Meeting proper adjourned at 2:40pm by Jer.

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