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Penguicon 2010 Concom Meeting
June 14, 2009

Meeting Announcement

1PM at the Troy Marriott. Quoth Randy:

1pm for the individual conversations that make-up our pre-meeting, 
2pm for the all-hands meeting.  Walkthrough to follow, but may be 
limited in number.
If you are ConCom you should be there.
If you are staff, you should check with the ConCom person that's 
heading your department to see if you should a) be there, b) send 
some updates via said head of department or c) wait for reinforcements.  
Or just come to the meeting, of course.
If you want to be part of Penguicon and would like to get involved,
please feel free to email me or come to the meeting and find out how you
can help make Penguicon ever more awesome.

Meeting officially started at 2:03pm





People who are not yet staff, but soon will be…

  • Dan Eckerd - Soon to be Logistics?
  • Courtney Galloway - Token Midget



Budget was approved by the board last night. Will be wikified shortly. No questions were asked.


We have departments in need of staffing. Department heads should update descriptions of jobs they need to fill on the wiki.


Current web site is undergoing conversion this weekend. If you have content for your department, get it to your department heads so that they can update the website.

Suggestions should be sent to department heads, conchair, or webmaster.

Guest of Honor Suggestions

  • Phil and Kaja Foglio
  • Karl Schroeder
  • WE NEED TECH GOHs - If people have Tech GoH suggestions, email Trevor


In discussion with Howard Taylor for a possible T-Shirt idea. We also want to discuss a new way to distribute t-shirts. Angie will coordinate with Operations on this.


  • Please update the wiki folks. If you have questions, ask the department heads or Jer
  • ConCom and Staff, please update your individual job pages to reflect reality, then keep updating the wiki as you go. All non private information should make it to the wiki.


Aaron has to step down. We need a registration head. Email the conchair.

Individual Reporting


  • Is going to do whatever he can do to help the process of the handoff.
  • Would love suggestions for his replacement.


  • Nothing to report will meet with Micki to discuss GoH Liaison stuff


  • Who do we contact about signage? Ultimately we will have a person, that's who to contact.
  • She has something for the website, that will be passed on to her department head.
  • She needs table sizes. Jer will be obtaining that information.
  • If anyone sees a dealer they think is cool, contact Angie.


  • Will meet with Chuck.
  • If signage help is needed, she's willing.
  • Volunteered to run food track.

Dan E

  • It is a forgone conclusion that he is the Logistics guy. Jer has to talk with him.

Mark S

  • When we have a sponsorship person, he needs to talk with that person.
  • We have a possible in with some distributors. Jer has an erection this big |……………| (actual size)


  • Still looking for staff.
  • Would like to meet with Jer about Sponsorships.


  • Will meet with several of us to find out the job.
  • Has volunteered to help out with other stuff as needed.


  • Needs a green room person (which might be squared away) and Mark S volunteered another potential name.


  • Trevor has nothing at this point, he “is good”.
    • That is arguable.
  • There is a lot of interest in brewing panels. Mark would be willing to help with that. (Food Track)


  • Has checks
  • We will be using expense reports. All will be required to fill it out to spend money or for reimbursement.
    • Will be available on the web
    • Requires department head signature for approval
    • Accountability needs to happen this year, unlike last year.
    • Receipts will be necessary
    • You have to turn in expense reports by the next concom meeting to get reimbursed before the con, otherwise you risk waiting until after the con.
    • Purchases before hand
      • Expense report will be filled out (receipts will have to follow)
      • Either Treasurer and ConChair will have credit cards or all department heads will be able to make purchases
    • Look to the wiki for procedure and forms


  • Goal is to make a functional network.
  • If you have a contact for a users group that might want to put a table in the lounge, please contact Ossy.


  • Working on layouts and such for hotel with an expected done date of end-of-July. Probably before then.
  • Walkthrough Today, please feel free to come
  • If you have special needs or desires, communicate them to me via hotel@
  • Please use my email… telling me will only remind me for moments, email is for real.

Meeting proper adjourned at 3:22pm.

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