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Penguicon 7.0 Concom Meeting
June 8, 2008


  • hotel planning meeting in august possibly with walk through
  • possible problems:
    1. staff has changed
    2. parking is limited
  • some room layouts available soon to be posted on info site
  • looking for layouts/ideas for hotel room parties
  • looking for hotel assistant to apprentice with Jer


  • the con will have complete use of the hotel restaurant
  • Michigan may pass legislation prior to the con,making smoking illegal within the hotel
  • plans for more food and more food options in the ConSuite, there are several people working on making this better
  • looking for food suggestions, let us know if you have an allergy, preference, ways to decrease the costs for quality food, or contact with local food businesses
  • looking for workers for the ConSuite
  • All hotel or hospitality questions, comments, suggestions can be directed to [email protected]


  • finalized budget being finished up in near future
  • working on creating a debit card to budget for each programming track head, details to come
  • tracks need to submit budgets as soon as possible


  • continues to be worked on, but is not completed
  • logins and email access coming soon
  • mrbs : meeting room booking system, Aaron still has his patch for this software

Storage Cube

  • Storage Cube needs to be organized and cataloged
  • looking for helpers to work through that
  • let Matt know if interested.
  • Also, if anyone has stuff that needs to be put into storage, please let Matt know.


  • still looking for a beneficiary

Next Meeting

Annual 4th of July Party in Monroe, MI gathering at 1pm, meeting starts at 3pm

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