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May 3rd 2008 2:15pm


  • Chuck: I'm chuck! I used to do Brazilian Beef. Board President.
  • Matt Arnold: outgoing Minister of Communications, incoming Conchair
  • Alison Anderson: Program Ops
  • Dave Holiday: MPCon LAN party
  • Peter Smith: Computer Lounge
  • Dan (professor chaos) Eakin: chaos machine.
  • Aaron Thul: Tech stuff, misc, other things, AV.
  • Gerald Gentry: Outgoing con chair, no homicides.
  • DJ Brick: Splash dance.
  • Garret Kajmovicz: Geeks with guns.
  • Tracy Worcester: Help make programming happen, also a board member.
  • Mara Tynam: Helping to get involved this year.
  • Jackie Petto: I just enjoyed all your hard work.
  • Salsa: Mayhem track.
  • Heather: Mayhem track.
  • Kimba wilson: preregistration, fireperson. Goto person.
  • Tyler Haske: taking these notes.
  • Barbara Frye: Masquerade Photographer
  • Kendra Duane: Masquarade director. 5.0 & 6.0. Member of Pinata Riders Costuming Group
  • Ron Wilson: did badges, 600 people at the door, 38 guests 1057 paying attendees.
  • Keri: mistress of sanity.
  • Angie Fox: Dealer Room
  • James Hice: a previous attendee.
  • Sarah Slovik: first-time Penguicon attendee
  • Jer Lance: hotel
  • Steve Gutterman: Board Member
  • Chance Sparrowhawk: Only a convention-goer. Hopes for that to chage with the upcoming pengicon.
  • Amy Zrnich: Helped with Allisons stuff, cooked hot breakfast in Consuite.
  • Randy Bradakis: Matts been recruiting me for next year.
  • Sheryl Bradakis: Micheous general.
  • Ron Blanchett: Internet technology. Beef cooker
  • Audry Geiger: Helped with signage, and barbecue
  • Kylia Zrnich: Volunteer Sucker of the year.
  • Steven de Hardt: Run the con suite, put together the ordering.
  • Christine Blanchet: One of the masseuses in the Green Room.
  • Limey Zrnich: Helped with masquerade. Got Beasty (logo of BSD) to appear with Tux.
  • Toby: Small person.
  • Jessica Zerwas: Treasurer.
  • Dan DeSloover: Souvenir book. Publications.
  • Neil Dudley: Showed up on Saturday.
  • Dean Stahl: Ops.
  • Angela Barry: One of the vendors. (Guildhouse)
  • Robbert Barry: Also from guildhouse. Enjoyed it, hope to come back next year.
  • Molly deBlanc: Guests and Nifties. Bought plane tickets, yelled at people about the english language. Liquid nitrogen girl.

Room Parties Report

Ann Arbor SPARK needs to pay for their party suite Matt: Please ask Ann Arbor SPARK for the check for $300 for Saturday night in the party suite.

Garrett Kajmovicz

Geeks with guns: made $200 on the event. Brazilian beef: Collected 360-odd tickets, total numbers, made about $200, just about, all told, grill rental, purchase, etc. Registration concerns with Whuffies with the brazilian beef.

Angie Fox

T-shirt money: Sold all but 11 of the t-shirts. Dealers room $1530, complaining about lack of traffic? Aisles? Bigger room? One problem with the dealers room. Center section was squished, “The Devil's Panties” sign obscured view of back wall.

Dave Holiday

Lan party went great, saddle up for the wrist band. How many wristbands sold at the door? 4 or 5. Preregistration was about 30. Someone registered for the LAN party who already registered because they didn't know what their wristband was for, but that's because they ignored all communication.

Tesla Coils

There is a lot that they are asking for that we didn't agree to. We figured out a dollar amount to do the travel. A red roof inn room. For overflow.

  • Jer: Here is your $400 blood money. If we give them this $400 and agree to get them to come back next year. Here is how much we've agreed to give you. As a gift, here is how much we've decided to give you.
  • Jess: Tentative. Can I a budget?.
  • Gerald: Pay the one check for what we agreed on, look at the numbers, pay them again. Did they put out a tip jar?
  • Bylaw issue: If we offer them a bribe, it has to be authorized by Matt, not Gerald.
  • Jenn: I need reciepts. Badly. Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • Second Saturday of June. Next board meeting.

Kendra Duane

We'd appreciated it if the ComCom would furnish the masquerade with judges, or a guest of honor MC. We came up with our own, and 3 hours before the masquerade. I'm putting together awards for the masquerade, now 2 of the guests of honor, wanted to judge. Response to Kendra: every guest of honor was asked, refused, said they weren't interested. Then at the convention some changed their minds. Oh well, that's how it goes, we can't force them. In future, could we send them a link to the photographs, so they could have an idea of what judging involves and won't be scared of it. Put a link to the pinata riders.

Gerald Gentry

We have 26 units of pop to sell here today, left over from Consuite. We paid about $11.00 a flat.


All of ours guests of honor had an amazing time. Many wish to return on their own dime. The guy that did all the xkcd tech stuff dug us. Wanted to attend the masquerade and the tesla coil, but problems scheduling both.

Hand off

Penguicon 6.1 “Point Release” Kickoff Meeting

  • Matt Arnold: ComCom Chairman.
  • Chuck Child: Budget Guy. Ask him for anything that requires money, until about mid summer ish when he gives the Board the budget.
  • Matt: What time of the year are you full of energy? I'd like to be able to sit down and talk to you individually.
  • How much do you want for me to talk to you about stuff? Feeling micromanaged vs. feeling unsupported and left to flap in the breeze: is all relative to your comfort level.
  • Jessica: treasurer.
  • Jeremy: Hotel.
  • Molly: Wrangler of Guests of Honor, and Nifties.
  • Ron Blanchet: Internet technology.
  • Dan DeSloover: Publications.

Project Management Site

Our new project management site will be, list of milestones. Currently at Job description page. So that two people don't do the same task, and do not each think the other one is doing the task The “Back Burner”: if you have an idea, I must tell the world about my idea. Put it in there, everyone will see the idea and maybe someone will want to do it. Today's main goal is to schedule department sub-meetings and figure out who needs to be at them.

- a meeting for online technologies for Whuffie, registration, and schedule.

- Programming meeting Sunday May 18. The way we are going to work programming is going to recognize the subconventions, treat track heads as the head of programming of the subconvention. We need a schedule wrangler to play Tetris with the rooms and times and keep track of Program Participants who cross over multiple tracks.

- Marketing meeting. Flyers outgoing to other conventions. Flyer: One that is letter size, the other, is a registration mailing form. Change the form to say 'throwing a room party'.


  • Walkthrough the hotel. After August? Lets discuss that on the list. Jer is on that.
  • Look at the hotel in October, at ConClave.
  • Midsummer-ish, scheduling wrangler, trackheads, and folks interesting in planning event ideas. Alison: I've collected data on all thes folks that showed up to the panels.
  • Hotel is about twice the sizev [ 350 rooms
  • Need for overflow less dire. - Overflow is next door.
  • We have hot tub, pool, but visible from many rooms.
  • Agis and Co. have done black sweater – pilots in lobby, pilots walk on by – FREEDOMS INTACT.
  • Banners in internal balconies to announce parties.


  • Increase fees for dealer tables - YES.
  • Change it up and get all new dealers? NO.
  • People need to submit ideas for what they want.
  • Room dealers – Get together w/ Angie for suggestions.


Tell [email protected] as well as [email protected] – Forward all schedules to Jer. BARE MINIMIUM, to be put on calendar.


Talk to Matt for when/where meetings. Friends, etc. TELL ABOUT PENGUICON.

Places to host after July – Jess is moving. Need someone to volunteer a place.

SMOS dinners (rekindle penguicon insanity) every once in awhile. - Friday evening, first release– SMOScast with Jer and Jess, a monthly podcast in the Penguicast audio feed, will update us on community info, behind the scenes info, etc. Every other week it will be a call-in show.

Jessica welcomes us to her house every Wednesday evening until July just to hang out

In May, a meeting for next year's puppet show, “The Trouble with Death Traps.”


Departments will list how many staffers they need, what skill sets, etc. We will fill with reliable staff who commit in advance, for less reliance on at-the-door volunteers, we want to have it covered as much as possible.

MATT: We want to issue a PDF draft of the 7.0 program book every month of the year, containing all the info we have collected so far, called “Penguicon 6.1” “6.2” “6.3” etc.


  • Molly: we should have department blogs. Broken down just by department.
  • No, we already have a blog. They should add their new info and reports to their own page on the project management site.
  • The project management site will have an RSS feed to tell subscribers any time someone makes a change.


Molly: Create more standard system, how many worth what, and worth more. - ANSWER: is confirming, agreed. There will be a submeeting. • Dan “profchaosofpcon” Eakin has an idea to set up a new system. There is a table of rewards at Closing Ceremonies. Whoever worked the most hours gets first choice. We need head of volunteers: Anna Petrak, get in touch w/ her. • Molly: Set-up request system. • Tyler: CRM software, IS BEING DONE


If know of companies for sponsorship. Need more sponsorship. Have sponsorship meeting to write the new sponsorship prospectus. Tyler Haske will be the guy for this. Improve on advertising. Tyler will do cold calling. • Get a company to donate new and reliable equipment. However, we will use no computers at registration. Corporate liason should be aware of that. • Get our Prospectus PDF if want to approach a company.

3pm checkouts @ hotel.

MONDAY stick around for putting away after the con.

QUIET AREA for hotel. Can ask hotel and they'll set up, but not guaranteed, have to ask Jer. [email protected] Idea: Have the online registration system ask them if they want a quiet room, and if they do it sends an email to Jer to set that up.

Also change online reg system “MORE INFO ABOUT:” check box which reads “ROOM PARTIES” to “THROW A ROOM PARTY” because they think it's about attending room parties.

Send Matt our addresses to go on a map of Penguicon organizers.

Next Meeting

Saturday June 7th, Location TBD

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