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Penguicon 2012 Concom Meeting
February 18, 2012

Meeting Announcement

18 February at the Regency Hyatt Dearborn, gather at 11am, meeting at 12pm promptly

Meeting officially started at 12:04pm




Individual Reporting



  • Party went awesome!
  • Needs
    • Anime and/or Film room track head
    • Gaming track head
    • Chaos Toy person thingie
  • GoH Update
    • John Scalzi
    • Jim Gettys
    • Firing shitloads of emails asap (Today?)


  • Not present


  • Coat room for Ops HQ? (Please)
  • Ops will be purchasing new whiteboards or fixing the old ones
  • Where to keep things we get on Thursday night
    • Store in consuite storage
    • Ops/Reg will be responsible for getting their own stuff from storage
      • Ops might have to help Reg with that
  • Program book
    • Feb 29 is the due date for blurbs
  • Ribbons
    • Form going on website to pay
    • Only doing pre-payed ribbons
    • Fuck taking money on the day of
    • We are cheap, and cruel


  • Not present


  • Not Present


  • ConSuite
    • Have two staffers
    • Staff application is going up on the website
    • Needs her budget (will email treasurer@ )
    • Consuite is currently open…where the fuck is my fucking Brazilian Beef!!!!
      • Fuck
  • Green Room
    • Arranging for the restaurant to manage that somehow


  • Facilities finds itself very turned on by Lithie threatening to “slather us in mayonnaise packets”..
    • rawr
  • Logistics
    • Some things are missing from the cube
    • Need volunteers for pack in and pack on Thursday and Monday
      • Volunteers get double hours for that time
  • Hotel
    • Service elevator for load in? JER!! FIND OUT!! PLEASE“
    • Wall schedule? Find out where to/if hanging
    • Intranet DNS thingie
    • Mar 19 Deadline for Function space layout requests
    • Mar 19 Deadline for GoH/ConCom/Master Folio room reservation requests



  • Jody
    • I just got my problem fixed!
    • Propecia (Wiki)
  • Nuri
    • James G says hi
    • We say hi back
    • Toured the video facilities…we should be good to go!!!!
  • Empyre
    • Needs to wake up a little
    • Also, inviting a music GoH
  • Nicole
    • Might want to do a zombie-walk
    • Is going to communicate with programming (costuming@, masquerade@) to coordinate
  • Skennedy
    • Frontalot video…should put on the website (oops)
      • NEARLY 100% positive response to the promo at the end
    • Video was shot at the party, as well as high quality stills
      • Working with marketing to put that together
      • Should get some of that up on social media soon
    • blah blah blah, a bunch of camera nerd shit
  • Randy
    • Inviting a bunch of GoHs (TODAY!)
      • Fuck yeah!
  • Marshall
    • Nothing to shoot! (No trouble)
  • John
    • Total fucking slacker has done nothing in the 8 hours of having the job
    • Weak sauce
    • Lithie is still doing content writing for Marketing
    • Should have some marketing photos ready in the next few days
  • Audrey
    • I, too, have slacked in the last 8 hours of having this job
    • I, too, have weak sauce…
  • Marah
    • Nothing to report
  • Gerald
    • Says 'Hi'
  • James
    • Nifty deadline of March 1st…(wtf?)
    • All Nifty requests must be channeled through Sarah (wtf even more?)
      • Jer finds himself rage filled…like a Boston Creme rage-donut
  • Jamie
    • Drag show is coming along…
      • Group on Facebook is doing well
      • Advertised on list
      • Lighting rental
        • Single spot?
    • WoW Game
      • Can Ops do quest cards periodically?
        • Yes
      • Christine wants something special from Jamie
        • Jamie needs to figure out what special thing to give Christine
          • Jer is sporting a serious 3/4 chub

Next Meetings

  • March 18th ConCom… Regency Hyatt Dearborn, 11am gathering, 12pm meeting start

Meeting proper adjourned at 13:54pm by Skennedy's Burp.

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