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June 30 2012 Penguicon Planning Meeting - Brunch with the ConChair

In Attendance:

  • Sparrow Slovik - ConChair
  • Tim Slovik - Head of Programming
  • James Hice - Tech Track:OpenSource, Web Team, Development Team
  • Jamie Liss - Mayhem, Sponsorship, Drag Show, Wow Live Game, Awesomeness!
  • Jo James - Staff and Dealer, Pcon Veteran
  • Paul Kemner - 3 yr attendee, looking to help with Lit and Music
  • John Bell - Geeks with Guns, Tech Helper
  • Marshall Newrock - Tech Troubleshooter, looking to help more with AV
  • Joey Hampton - Assistant to Programming

Captain Sparrow's Agenda

  • Email Setup - coming soon!
  • Wiki Updates - Penguicon Family Tree coming soon!
  • Filling Staff Positions
  • Pengui-CampOut Save the Date! August 25 more details to come…
  • Next Planning Meetings: Save the Date! July 21 5pm Dominick's - 812 Monroe Street Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Round the table

  • James Hice: nothing new
  • Jamie Liss: Looking for Wow Live Game additions, expanding the Drag Show, updating Sponsorship
  • Jo James: nothing new
  • Paul Kemner: nothing new
  • John Bell: can we add Geeks with Guns back onto Registration? Expanding on geek activities and field trips
  • Programming: needs Food Track and Room Parties filled, updating wiki
  • Marshall Newrock: volunteered to help with AV equipment
  • Joey Hampton: yay, more help!!!

Things We Need:

  • website updates and refresh
  • —addition - call for help and supplies, what do you have to donate, what do you need
  • Budget
  • Visibility of Staff - wristbands?
  • —AV Sponsorship?
  • Michigan Ren Fest Meetup?
  • Programming running list on wiki - yay!
  • Video of an example of a panel
  • More information on Moment Factory
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