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Penguicon 2010 Concom Meeting
August 1, 2009

Meeting Announcement

12PM at the Randy's House 12PM pre-meeting, 1PM official start…

Meeting officially started at 1:09pm





  • Courtney Galloway - Token Midget


Website Updates

  • Everyone needs to update their website content as soon as possible.
  • Bare minimum…two stages…
    • Get rid of bad information ASAP
    • Put up good, new information soon
  • Ron will show us the CMS

Content Manager

  • Ron will show us all how to use the CMS of DOOOOOOOM!
  • Ron will fix all crappy HTML

Email Functionality

  • Everyone needs to check their Penguicon email to ensure that it is being forwarded (if they want it forwarded)
  • Get with Ron if there are problems.


  • Edit the wiki! This is important.


List of staff positions that need to be filled:


  • We are going to see if whoever our “artsy” GoH can do it.

Guests of Honor

  • Waiting for some outstanding GoH invites…
  • Followups for Tech and Art are ready.


  • Aaron has to step down. We need a registration head. Email the conchair.
  • Jer is willing to serve as Aaron's backup provided Aaron keeps the job
    • Randy will follow up with Aaron

Individual Reporting

  • Amanda (Treasury)
    • Expense report forms are ready.
      • If you spend money, you must fill out a form for reimbursement by the next concom or risk waiting until post-con for reimbursement.
      • Get form signed by your department head.
    • Monthly reports on our budget statuses will be forthcoming when we spend money.
  • Sheryl (Masquerade)
    • Theme is Vintage Video games
    • If people find prize material that is on-theme, please contact Sheryl.
    • Web content will be up within the next two weeks.
  • Chuck (Hospitality)
    • Looking at jockey box rig pricing still
    • Needs a contact to a food distributor (Jer will do what he can)
  • Ron (Website)
    • Nothing new
  • Limey (Costuming)
    • Drag Show plans are going
    • Bill P is looking at doing a Rocky Horror show
  • David Adams (Webcomics)
    • Artists Alley converting to Webcomics Alley, perhaps?
    • Did the check go to the EFF last year? Randy will follow up right away with Jordan.
  • Trevor (Programming)
    • There will be a programming meeting to follow the next ConCom Meeting
  • Micki (Talent Wrangling)
    • Please Cc: talent@ when communicating with GoHs or Nifties.
  • Mara (Operations)
    • Going to work on staffing
    • Following up with Jer and Randy on marketing and sponsorship
  • Jer (Facilities)
    • Hotel - reserve your rooms!
      • Diagrams will be done hopefully very soon (2 weeks ish?)
    • Network - MPCon is over, Ossy is going to start working on the network.
    • Logistics - We have a guy. He's going to do inventory.

Next Meeting

  • September 5th, 2009 at Randy's. 12pm pre-meeting, 1pm main.

SMOS Dinners

  • September 5th, 2009 at Randy's. 6pm-10pm.

Meeting proper adjourned at 2:35pm by Jer Lance.

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