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Penguicon 2010 Concom Meeting
September 26, 2010

Meeting Announcement

26 September 2010 at the Troy Marriott. Pre-meeting at noon, meeting promptly starts at 1pm.

Meeting officially started at 1:04pm




  • James Hice (Community)
  • Steve Dehart (Consuite)
  • Richard Herrell (Science Track)
  • Ed Chaltron (Registration)
  • Nicole Yates (Assistant to the Conchair)
  • Tracy Pegg (Gaming)
  • Matt Arnold (Program Book)
  • Nate Bezanson (I3 Liaison)
  • Joe Bender (Network Genius)
  • Keri Springer (Ops)


  • Gerald Gentry (Beer Troll)




  • Why does nothing on the website work?
    • Information is wrong
    • Registration is broken
    • Calendars don't work
    • Events are sparse
    • Still looks like last year's web site
    • Send info to Ron (webmaster@ and make sure to cc chair@)

SMOS Dinners -

  • Need to have them more often
    • SMOS Event Oct 30 at i3 Detroit
    • We will advertise on the broken website as well as the lists, twitter, and stuff
    • If you want to host, we pay for the food and will send volunteers to help.
      • 16 October - Bill Korsak in Royal Oak
      • 6 November - Nicole Yates in Lansing


  • Website is broken, so we can't reserve rooms on the site
  • You can call to reserve. Tell them you are with Penguicon
  • Con-Related Hotel Stuff
    • Where's my fucking coffee?
    • If you have thoughts, ideas, etc, email hotel@ (if it relates to programming, cc: programming@ )

Treasurers Report -

  • If you have receipts, fill out an expense report
  • Update the wiki, or no $$$ for you!
  • Department heads can view their budget if they wish. DO NOT GO OVER BUDGET!
  • We have spent very, very little. If you have receipts, get them in.

ConSuite -

  • Beer thing.
    • All beer service will be done by people who are
      • Staff
      • Trained
      • Signatories on a policy letter that requires appropriate methodology
    • All servers must
      • Ask if the individual is a holder of a valid, photo ID
      • Ask if the individual is legal to drink in the state of MI
      • Visually check the ID at EVER SERVE

Individual Reporting

Bill Korsak

  • Has information for the track heads, and is looking to set up meetings with the tracks
  • Tracks open:
    • Media
    • Food (is going to go under life)
  • Lit Track
    • Room layouts as-is are good
    • Cat Rambo tentative to run writer's workshop
    • Awaiting replies from two nifties
    • All is well.

James Hice

  • Please sign up for SMOS dinners
  • If you have announcements for the con, please feel free to forward to community@ to disseminate

Christine Bender

  • Marshall will be tech troubleshooter again
  • Still need staff, contact ops@ if you have the willingness

Matt Arnold

  • Spend 12 seconds thinking about how important the program book is to you
  • Send nude photos to programbook@

Nicole Yates

  • cc: asstchair@ on communications to the conchair

Next Meetings

  • October 24th ConCom…Probably at the Troy Marriott, 12pm gathering, 1pm meeting proper

SMOS Dinners

  • Several tentative coming up
  • If you want to throw a SMOS dinner or party, please contact us at community@

Meeting proper adjourned at 2:23pm by Jer.

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