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Penguicon 2010 Concom Meeting
September 5, 2009

Meeting Announcement

12PM at the Randy's House 12PM pre-meeting, 1PM official start…

Meeting officially started at 1:15pm




  • Angie Fox - Dealer's Room
  • Yanni Kuznia - Lit Track
  • Cylithria Dubois - ConSuite/Food Track/Supplier of more Slaves
  • Dan Eckerd - Logistics
  • David Adams - Webcomics
  • Rachael Acklin - Signs and Graphics
  • Troy Aklin - Signs and Graphics



Departmental staffing


  • Green Room
  • GoH Liaisons
    • No Micki, may have something to say on this
    • We have a Liaison for Howard Tayler
  • Community Manager
    • Ron, contact Mara and ensure she can post on the list.
    • Mara will take care of community stuff
  • Program Operations
    • Not sweating it yet
  • Photographer
    • Dave Hogg has not yet been asked
    • MediKat will take shots
  • Sponsorship
    • Mara is largely covering at the moment.
  • Marketing
    • Mara is largely covering at the moment.
  • Music Track Head
    • Jean Prior is rockin' this job at the moment.
  • Life Track Head
    • Still haven't found, what we're looking for…
  • Food Track Head
    • Cylithria Dubois is ON it
  • Media Track Head
    • Need someone competent
    • Board is grossly incompetent, how do you spell nepotism?
    • Is it even nepotism if it is only girlfriends?
  • Chaos Toy Wrangler
    • Cody Lance until further notice
  • Geeks with Guns
    • Garrett, who did you suggest?
  • Signs & Graphics
    • We just scooped up Troy and Rachael Acklin for this job
  • Charity Auction
    • Are we even going to do one?
    • If so, would Laurie Adams do it again?
    • Who to benefit?
  • Registration
    • Brian Decker just got bait and switched into the job role! Welcome!



  • You may not leave this meeting until it is complete.

Guests of Honor

  • Jeanne and Spider Robinson
  • Karl Schroeder
  • Howard Tayler
  • need Tech GoHs
    • Much discussion to come!!


  • Howard Tayler has offered art for our convention.
  • We will make sure there is room for a “cleavage cut” on a T-Shirt.


  • Use it!
  • Love it!
  • Update it!

Individual Reporting


  • Hotel - goddamnit jer, why aren't you done with the friggin floor layouts.


  • Budget - Would like volunteers
  • GoH Tables?


  • Ad rates - Same as last year?
    • Jer/Mara will find the updated rates and move to those.


  • Almost took one of your members one meeting ago
  • It didn't even make the minutes
  • Sorry Micki


  • Green room?

Dan Eckerd

  • Has truck costs pretty much in hand…needs to determine distances and such


  • Needs a volunteer
  • If you need a sign, make a request on the signage page.
  • If you need a graphic, make a request on the graphics page.

Next Meeting

  • We will figure that shit out, and letcha know. Word. It will be about a month from now.

SMOS Dinners

Jer: Hey, the sex last night, it wasn't terrible.\\
Randy: Thanks!
* Mara is hosting on the 26th of September

Meeting proper adjourned at 2:19pm by Jer Lance

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