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Penguicon 2010 Concom Meeting
March 6, 2010

Meeting Announcement

06 March 2010 at Troy Marriott. Pre-meeting at noon, meeting promptly starts at 1pm.

Meeting officially started at 1:10pm




  • Limey Zrnich (Costuming)
  • Jamie Liss (Dealer)
  • Mark Szlaga (Beer)
  • Jo James (Dealer)
  • Richard Harrel (Science)
  • Matt Arnold (Program Book)
  • Angie Fox (Dealer Wrangler)
  • Dan Eckerd (Logistics)
  • Ryan Carey (Video Track)
  • Anna Held-Petrak (Volunteers)
  • Ron Blanchett (Mailing List)
  • James Hice (I'm with Sarah)
  • Sarah Slovik (Eco Track)
  • Shar Nims (Consuite)
  • Mark Lennigan (GWG)
  • Brian Decker (Registration with Yanni)
  • Yanni Kuznia (Literature Track)
  • Nate Blkdldvjmlv (i3Detroit)
  • Joe Bender (i3Detroit)
  • Christine Bender (Operations)
  • Melanie Brooks (DIY Track)
  • Sheryl Bradakis (Masquerade & Knitting)



  • Breaking down the Operations Job into right-sized pieces.
    • We'll come back to this. Randy will talk to Marah and stop putting nonsense in the minutes
    • The last part of that was a lie.


  • Relationship status ribbons?
    • We shall order
    • Need to address harassment, part of another topic
  • Check the badger ribbon wiki page for our currently planned ribbon order, note any issues immediately
    • Volunteers: 100 “Penguin” White on Black
    • Geeks with Guns: 30 “Bang! Bang!” Gold on Black
    • Masquerade Judge: 10 “I'm Judging You” Blue on Red
    • i3 Detroit: “I build stuff” White on Blue
    • Rock Band Rock Off: 50 “I like to Rock off!” Red on Black
    • Rock Band Finalists: 15 “Rock Harder” Gold on Black


  • Maddog's Challenge (If not covered by Sarah)
    • He still hasn't responded to Matt
    • We are going to take the ball and run with it
    • Randy and Ron are going to resolve a game of hot potato and find the slides and pass them on to Sparrow
  • Yoooooomacon = Anime? Or do we do it ourselves? ConChair vs. ConChair, BATTLE!
    • This is almost entirely scheduled, etc
    • He will contact Trevor to resolve any outstanding questions
  • DJ For the Dance, etc…
    • There are a few possibilities that will need to contact Randy asap if they want to be considered
  • Illuminatus 2.x at our show
    • Perhaps they can do the light show for the dance that may or may not happen


  • Anna needs two people
    • one to be at the table
    • one to actively search for volunteers and send them to the table.
  • Emailed concom with requests for volunteer needs
    • Send Anna times when people are needed or you will not get any volunteers


  • Dimension/Layout for Concierge
  • What dimensions/how many stage sections
  • Dimensions of usable space outside Denn 3/4
  • Board room table size/chair count
    • BoF/Small shit
  • Craft area dimensions/table/chair count
  • Outdoor area dimensions
  • Need layouts from:
    • Networking (Athens)
    • Outdoor panels (if any)
    • Anime/Film
    • LN2
    • Eco Track
    • Consuite (if they need any changes)
    • Broadcasting booth (if they need any changes)
  • Are any function rooms *not* lockable. Need to secure a key for me and/or Ops
  • What size are the televisions in the guest rooms, and can we hook systems up to them?

Souvenir Book

  • Presenting the paper draft
  • photo for i3Detroit
    • Nate will send that in
  • longer bio for Zonker
    • Perhaps from the community?
    • “Joe Brockmeier Facts”?
    • Like Chuck Norris Facts
    • But hopefully containing at least one fact
    • Jer will see if that is okay with having someone else write his bio “fictionally”
  • Things Randy has to get to Matt
    • Conchair Report – Randy Bradakis
      • When will this happen? F-ing never
    • Ops info – Randy Bradakis, Jer Lance
    • Hotel info –Jer Lance, Trevor Jagoda
    • Chaos Machine info? – Trevor Jagoda
      • Trevor gave one to Matt arguably
    • Rules – Randy Bradakis
    • Concom list – Randy Bradakis
  • very few ads at this point. What other ad commitments does Matt need to be told about?
    • Angie will forward an email about a potential ad to Matt

Individual Reporting


Helmut "Trevor" Newton

  • Micki is going to forward to Matt the Nifties that are missing
    • Also going work on the picture thing by sending an email to all nifties asking for print quality photos
  • We have stuff on the events page asap


  • Nothing to report
  • Shopping list has been updated several times


  • Nate Bezanson - Liaison for i3Detroit
  • Needs email addresses for all Nifties
    • Will pass names on to Trevor to pass on to track heads


  • Please turn in receipts and requests for money at meetings. Not at con
  • There will be a schedule for reimbursements at-con


  • Lanyards
    • Jer
  • Needs Discount Admissions List
    • Randy is maintaining
    • Will be provided to Brian preliminarily today
      • There is a registration party at Aaron's house to enter stuff
      • Bring your own computer
  • Needs Dealer's List
    • Angie will send prelim list today



  • Anna
    • Can we kill Whuffie?
    • Volunteers manage their own sheet, staff signs off on sheet at the end of a work shift
    • Has to be called a Wuukie(TM)
  • Yanni
    • UPDATE THE BLOODY WIKI (emphasis mine)

Next Meetings

  • April 10th ConCom meeting Troy Marriott 12-3 Walkthrough to follow

SMOS Dinners

  • SMOS at Doma Decker today, March 6th, 5-8 (ConCom meeting attendees may attend earlier?)
  • If you want to throw a SMOS dinner or party, please contact us at [email protected]

Meeting proper adjourned at 2:25pm by Jer Lance.

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