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November 2005 PenguiCon ConCom meeting, Sunday, November 20

In attendance: MattArnold, RonBlanchett, SteveCampbell, ChuckChild, SteveDeHart, DanDeSloover, JordanMalokofsky, JohnMatthews, BillPutt, FrancineRossi, AaronThul , KimbaWilson, RonWilson

AaronThul's house. Socializing began at 1:00 PM. Meeting began at 2:00 PM.

MattArnold is taking minutes on this Wiki.

Aaron opened the meeting, and we introduced ourselves.

BrendanDurrett is our new hotel liaison. We will have a hotel walkthrough Tuesday, November 22 at 7 PM.

PreRegistration report: 78. Last year this time we had 90. We might be down because we lack big-name GoH draw this year and last year. Also the late hotel contract.

Talk to ClarkRodeffer about how much we offer to GameMasters in terms of reduced rate or comping. After looking at the budget for this year, we will not be able to compensate ProgramParticipants, just VolunteerPenguins as we have in the past.

(Note that ProgramParticipants committing to at least 3 hours of panels will receive a discounted rate of $25 if they preregister. ClarkRodeffer has additional requirements for GameMasters.)

Still looking for a Head of TechProgramming and someone to run the CharityAuction. Must decide where CharityAuction money is going. We also need GuestLiaisons. UHACC group might be able to provide a ChrisDiBona liaison.

The Saturday GoHBanquest is canceled. It's a cash-loss, and in some past years it was mainly good for getting stuff in trade from the [Hotel], but this year it's not that important to the [Hotel], so we axed it.

We talked briefly about StorageCube options but it's a multi-year BoardOfDirectors issue so it will be left to them.

Programming: Use the MasterSchedule page on this Wiki!

ChuckChild proposed a taste test for OpenCola at CafePenguicon at ConFusion. Send StarfleetTux with flyers to the dance to tell people.

Can we have an InfoKiosk at ConFusion CafePenguicon? Maybe. We need another InfoKiosk meeting.

Last year the first DealersRoom table (six feet) was $50 and that included the first registration. Extra table $45, extra staff reg $30. We will have eight foot tables this year. ConClave charged $75 for an eight foot table. ConFusion charged $70 per table. FrancineRossi suggests we raise the table price to $60 and *additional tables will remain $45*. There will be fewer tables this year because of space. We offer to include complimentary business-card-size ads in the program book. It would be great to get a table to sell stuff.

Put a t-shirt on display at registration. MattArnold will contact AlisonFrane and HowardTayler about doing our t-shirt design and/or program book cover this year.

Let's put something out on the list about getting someone to run CharityAuction. Ask ChristineBender if she would take it on. Ask AnneMurphy to ask the GoHs what charity they are affiliated with.

Mailing: Design should be done in December, Bill will use his macro to apply the addresses for us, we will have a folding and stamping party because we need to be cost conscious. Folding party will be Wednesday, December 28 at noon. Ask SteveGutterman if it can be at his house before the BoardOfDirectors meeting which is scheduled for that day.

Other business:

This Wiki, Our ISP does daily backups. Can we spider it and back it up and burn it to CDs or something? RonBlanchett says yes. It's a 155 MB file.

Web banners on the PenguiconPublicity page. Asked for help. It is detailed on that page.

RoomParties. RachelWeisenfeld's husband ChuckChild is here and he talked to us on her behalf to work out registering RoomParties. Asked for suggestions about what should be handed out in the bag to each RoomParty. Map of room block, instruction and rules list, aspirin, antacid, breath mint, door stop. RoomParty contest would have many small gimmick prizes but one grand prize which is a free pre-registration. Please put all suggestions on the Wiki.

All awards should be given at ClosingCeremony.

Last year some of us paid for OpenCola out of our own pockets and a little from the ConSuite budget.

Today JordanMalokofsky got our info from 5th 3rd Bank to switch banks. KimbaWilson needs *an endorsing stamp* and deposit slips for PreRegistration. Don't forget to switch over PayPal.

JohnMatthews will ask for DancE suggestions on the DancE Wiki page and RonBLanchett will also make a request form on the main website.

DanDeSloover asked for tech help to switch two headers on an e-mail so it looks like it's going directly to its recipient instead of a mass mail. I might be writing down his request incorrectly since I don't understand it.

RonBlanchett's wife is a masseuse and can add her services to those who already offer masseuse services, to take shifts in GreenRoom or even add perhaps massage to ConSuite.

FrancineRossi asked who is doing Ribbons. It will be AnnamarieDietz.

At the actual convention we need a method of dispensing soda. Last year we did it with a beer tap which produces nowhere near enough pressure for proper carbonation. If anybody knows anybody who can help with a soda fountain please do. This should be asked on one or more of the lists.

Let's come up with website polls to announce every week.

Next meeting will be Saturday, December 17, 1PM socializing and 2PM meeting. Location to be announced. (Edited to add: meeting will be at Aaron Thul's house.)

Meeting adjourned.

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