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Penguicon 2010 Concom Meeting
October 24, 2009

Meeting Announcement

12pm at the Troy Marriott.

Meeting officially started at 1:07pm because we suck




  • Yanni Kuznia - Lit Track
  • Dan Eckerd - Logistics
  • Chris “Ossy” Krieger - Network Wrangler
  • Chris “Boots” Catlett - Network Dude


  • Chris Wurtsmith -


Departmental staffing


  • Green Room - Jer/Lisa L.(?)
  • GoH Liaisons
    • No Micki, may have something to say on this
    • Yanni might have someone for Spider
    • Trevor might have someone for Marcel
    • Dave Klecha will take care of Karl Schroeder
    • David Adams is handling Howard Tayler
    • Need a hack of honor still
  • Operations
    • Community Manager
      • Mara will take care of community stuff
    • Program Ops
      • Jer will talk to Goose. Duck duck goose.
      • While he's at it, Jer will put Jordan into contact with Trevor. Everyone loves, magical Trevor.
      • Photographer - Talking to Dave Hogg at the moment.
      • Sponsorship - NEED! (Randy is filling for now)
      • Marketing - Mara and Randy
  • Track Heads
    • Life Track Head
      • Still haven't found, what we're looking for…
    • Media Track Head
      • Jer is going to check with Jordan
  • Chaos Toy Wrangler
    • W Craig Trader (We're watching you!)
  • Geeks with Guns
    • Garrett…where are you? We miss you? Any ideas?


  • Wiki
    • You may not leave this meeting until it is complete.
  • .org
    • WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK!!??!!1!?!1!!!one!?!
    • Mara is mean to Jer.
      • Unreasonably.
        • Fer realz.

Guests of Honor

  • Need to update questionnaire.
    • Specifically, “Do you want a table in the dealer's room”
  • Get through Micki and get out to GoH's
  • Request some contribution to the souvenir book from each goh

Individual Reporting


  • Contact Big Bang Theory folks and Wil Wheaton to get permission to air a clip from Wil's episode at opening ceremony
  • Hotel
    • Need to finish layouts


  • Ad rates: Did go through the notes (size needs to go away)
  • Program Book Stuff
    • “Souvenir book” - Need to cost the books (glossy, color front and back, color interior(?))
      • “Thank You Page, Brought to you by Jer”
    • Program Book
    • Quick schedule
  • How many blowjobs are reasonable to fit into one day? How many days left til' con?


  • Let Ossy know if you have network needs asap.
  • Need a cache and mirror for network
  • Registration desk is special
  • Computer Lounge is starting to contact User Groups. If you know of a user group that wants to have a table in the computer lounge, contact Ossy.


  • Ossy is going to see if we can get Acer to loan some equipment for registration.
  • Last year we had 1 “new reg” station and 2 “check in/payment” admin stations
    • This year, 2 “new reg” and 3 “check in/payment” admin stations
    • Follow up with Angie (or someone) about a merchant account for credit card payments
  • Need a printer, Ossy will make it so…number 1

Magical Trevor

  • Needs a staff (where? I don't know. Sounds painful)


  • Give me your expense reports or I'll stab you in the spleen with an open bottle of Coke.
  • Room Parties
    • Where are they going to be?
    • Word word balls up.
    • Cost for bed removal and chair drop off?


  • I got nothin'


  • He got nothin'

Next Meeting

22 November 2009 from 12:00pm to 3:00pm at the home of Yanni and Brian. NO FUCKING PRE MEETING. WHAT THE FUCK. SERIOUSLY. STOP IT. NO PRE MEETING. Meeting proper adjourned at 2:56pm by Jer Lance

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