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Penguicon ConCom Meeting Minutes November 29, 2008


  • Matt Arnold – Con Chair
  • Jer Lance – Hotel, long list of other responsibilities
  • Sheryl Bradakis – Violence, Film Room, Masquerade
  • Melanie Brooks - Masquerade
  • Bill Korsak – Gaming Ninja
  • Rachel – Helping Chuck
  • Chuck Child – Board of Directors
  • Ron Blanchett – Internet Tech
  • Kristine Blanchett - Photographer
  • Sparrow Slovik – Eco Track
  • James Hice – Eco track assistant
  • Johnny – Assistant hotel liaison
  • Dan Ramirez – New, potential video game track
  • Marshall Newrock – Computer Lounge
  • Ariel Longshore
  • Laurie Adams - Auction
  • Dave Adams – Web comics
  • Peter Smith - computer lounge
  • Steve DeHardt – Consuite
  • Aaron Thul - Registration
  • Randy Bradakis – Schedule Wrangler
  • Sal Sanfratello - Board Member
  • Garrett Kajmowicz – Ops, Board member, Geeks with guns
  • Mara Tynan
  • Bill Putt – Signage
  • Man of a thousand names (Golden Harmon)– Ribbons
  • Jessica Zerwas - treasurer
  • Anna Held-Petrak – Volunteer coordinator
  • Pedestrian w/ Anna
  • Anne Marie Manzitti – Assistant to Web
  • Dan DeSloover – Publications
  • Amanda Long-Adams – Room Parties


  • Heard Jane McGonigal on NPR discussing games w/in museums. Might be something interesting to get people to come in, but would need to contact local museums to see if they are interested.
  • When are volunteer needs due? Per Anna, whenever. Schedules are being built now.

Expense tracking system

Chuck provided an overview of the expense tracking spreadsheet. In short, contact your department head for approval to spend money. As soon as it is spent, notify your department head, who will then update the Google doc that is used to track expenses. This will then provided a running total of what money has been spent and what remains to be spent.

Instructions are provided in the spreadsheet. Don't mess with the things in the light blue fields. These fields are auto calculated. Each department has a separate tab of the spreadsheet, and should be filled out as shown on the example tab. The goal of keeping this information up to date is to be able to write checks dependent upon Penguicon making money at the end of the con on Sunday.

Chuck does haves his own, official copy of the spreadsheet, and will move entries into the official copy as he vets them. (So, if you completely screw up the Google docs version, you aren't toast.)

How many people did we budget based on? Income wise, we budgeted for 750 attendees. Consuite is based on 1200 or 1300.

Note: if you go over your budget and the Con loses money, you will not be reimbursed over what was budgeted.

Much of the spending occurs during the days just prior to the convention. Any receipts to hand in during the convention should be turned in to Ops, who will transfer them to Chuck. Aaron recommends having some forms & a stapler handy to staple receipts directly to the form. Treasurer is not open during the weekend.

Chuck will forward the spreadsheet to every program head.

Open concom positions

  • Assistant to the Chair: Matt needs someone to do a bunch of misc. tasks. This is primarily a pre-con activity. Aaron indicated he may know of someone interested in assisting, who should be emailing Matt.
  • Science track head – A new head is needed for this track. Randy may know someone from Confusion who may be qualified and possibly interested.
  • Life track head – This is a new track, intended to focus on stuff relating to how geeks (should) live. Stuff like the ADD panel, geek nutrition, finances, flirting for geeks, fun touchy feely stuff. - Rachel volunteered to run it

Contact information

A contact sheet was passed around requesting information regarding the bet way to contact each staff member. Matt will individually email this information to everyone.

Chaos Machine

  • Someone is needed to purchase this year's new chaos machine parts, since the previous volunteer is no longer available to complete this.
  • Chuck Child volunteered to complete this. Matt will forward him the current chaos machine part list.


We don't have an artist GoH, so there is no immediately obvious person to ask to draw something for this year's T shirt.

  • Suggestions:
    1. Why not use the logo from the cling? If having more than one t-shirt, this should be one of them.
    2. Dave (web comics) suggested having one of the web comic guests draw something
  • Final Recommendation:
    • Both web comic guests will be asked to submit a potential design. Matt will pick one for the T-shirt and one for the program book. Alternately, both may be placed in the program book and the logo used as a T shirt design.

Opening Ceremonies

Matt wants a plan in advance and wants a rehearsal. Matt is looking for ideas so that he can finalize an actual script. Matt will create figures & film it on You Tube & send to Tommy Toony for him to get music cues down.

Matt met somebody from Ann Arbor SPARC who does lights synchronized with music, whom he'll be talking to.

Idea: Film an intro using WoW or something along those lines. If you have ideas, have a conversation


Trusted individuals are needed to staff Ops throughout the weekend. 2 or 4 hour shifts are available. (4 hour shifts are between 2 AM & 2 PM, when not much happens. 2 hour shifts are between 2 PM and 2 AM) Staffers will need to be able to manage cash, and potentially lift up to 5 pounds.

If you know of a potential staffer, please contact Garrett.


Schedule Anna has made a new schedule based upon last year's schedule. If you need volunteers for anything at any point (e.g. to leave a table to go to lunch, lift things, etc.), contact Anna with the following information:

  • About when you need people
  • What are the volunteers needed for
  • How long will the volunteers be needed
  • Any special requirements (I.e., must be able to lift, must be over 21, etc.)
  • Names of specific people you worked with in prior years and would like to work with again, and/or names of people you worked with but absolutely, positively don't want to work with again.

Anna will fill schedule as she gets people. If you don't ask for volunteers up front, you won't get them.


Need a revamp to the wuffie system. Anna fell out approx. 750 of those little cards. Its a lot to fill out when it's one hour per one piece of paper. Jessica & Anna had a discussion & have ideas.

  • Ideas:
    1. Confusion had gopher bucks. Go that way instead? Just do ones, fives, and tens to hand out.
    2. Just add and subtract hours on the back of the card.
  • Conclusion: A separate offline discussion about wuffie system will be conducted.

Ops would be responsible during off hours when volunteer section not open.

Anna could use a list of people who are the most likely to need a supply of gopher bucks/cards/whatever to hand out to their volunteers. Sal suggests that we are already creating this list. Those who request volunteers are the list. When they request volunteers, they get wuffies to hand out to those volunteers.

Can wuffies be applied to 2010 registration? If so, what is the conversion rate against the registration cost? Along those lines, Anna needs a list of what wuffies can be redeemed for. Chuck indicated that there is a budget for this.

Hotel Layouts now has a hotel layout link. Jer has uploaded layouts of all rooms / areas except the 3rd floor assembly.

If you want furniture in your room and / or if you need a room flip, Jer needs to know. Jer lays it out, sits down with the hotel, and counts ever stick of furniture, hour by hour, to make certain that the hotel has enough furniture.

If you need furniture & / or if you need a room flip, email a diagram, picture or some other information now. Aaron also needs to get with programming to know AV requirements. Randy wants to be cc'd so that he's aware of requested flips. Tell Jer what table sizes or other things you need.

Deadline is Mar 1. After that, it may not happen. Jer will only revisit once everything is squared away.

Room flips require a separate diagram for each room configuration, and times that it will be in each configuration.

  • Hotel Power
    • No power out back (known)
    • Somewhere near 100 amps (plus or minus) in Atlantis.
    • As low as 80 as many as 200 in the atrium. Can't drop a new power drop in the atrium. Power is routed on 2 200 amp panels, but they don't know how it is configured. Jer needs to know anyone who will be there early on Friday, and hotel backup, hang out in the compute lounge while they are setting up.
  • Hotel Rooms
    • Hotel is nearly booked. If you have not gotten a room, need to get one now. Con does not pay for any rooms for Sunday night.

Registration Cut Off

Online registration can be pushed until the Wednesday before Penguicon, at which point badges are printed. But what should the rate be at that point? Suggested to be at the door rate. Cut off was done a week out in the past because of PayPal lead time.

Decision: All registrations after April 1 will be at the door rate.

Follow Up Items

  • Everyone
    1. Sheryl needs prizes & ideas for prizes for the masquerade. Send thoughts to Sheryl.
    2. Send sign requirements to Bill Putt as soon as possible if you want him to do them.
    3. Contact Jer if you will be there early on Friday and able to help the hotel backup out by hanging out in the compute lounge while they are setting up.
    4. Contact Jer if you need a late checkout on Sunday to help with breaking down. Prior to the meeting, Jer had received no requests for late checkout.
    5. If you are owed money from 2008, or know someone who is, contact Jessica.
    6. Email Garrett if you need Ops to do any of the following during the con:
      1. Store stuff for you. Ops will not store things if advance notice is not provided.
      2. Dispense money. Ops will not dispense money unless discussed with Garrett and arranged in advance.
  • Track Heads
    • Final submission of bio information for Nifty guests for the program book by Feb. 28th. A draft was due last week.
    • Send Jer information regarding room layouts, flips, and times during which each configuration is to be used. Deadline: March 1
      • Information needed:
        1. Room layout (including position, number of chairs, tables, etc.)
        2. Time room needs to be flipped
        3. New room layout information (position, number of chairs, tables, etc.)
        4. Any other information to explain what you need, such as table sizes.
  • GoH Liaisons
    • If your GoH wants to do geeks with guns, email Garrett to get the GoH comped.
  • More targeted follow up items
    1. Matt: Forward contact information to the group.
    2. Matt: Forward to Chuck the current chaos machine part list.
    3. Bill Korsack & Steve DeHardt: Open gaming is in the back half of the Consuite. Discuss what is scheduled for the Consuite & Gaming & resolve any schedule conflicts.
    4. Matt & Aaron: Determine whether to offer one day passes & determine rates, if one day passes will be available.
    5. Garrett, Jer, Jessica: Discuss Ops handling of money during the convention. Ops does not plan to dispense any money unless otherwise determined in advance.
    6. Ron: set up an email address for the life track & configure mail to forward to Rachael.
    7. Dave: Send request for t-shirt / program book design to web comic guests.
    8. Chuck: Forward the budget spreadsheet to the program heads.

Next Meeting

Location – at the hotel March 7th, 2PM Meeting start time (Last chance walk through to make major changes.) Everyone that might have changes needs to do walk through. Meet with hotel at the end of the meeting & do a walk through with the hotel staff. Be done with your hotel desires & have them in to Jer by March 1.

Final walk though will be just 2 weeks before the con.

Other Meetings Construction meeting Sunday the 15th, noon - 4PM Location TBD

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