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About Cylithria Dubois

FIXME ← I love this button. I want it on a shirt to wear in ConSuite! Make it so Jer :P

My name is Cylithria Dubois.

It's pronounced Cyl -as in Window Sill, ith -as in Monolith, ria -as in Sangria = Cylithria.

(Only one R in the whole name Jer)

or you can call me Lithie. ← far easier to say and spell!

I'm an itty bitty girl with an uber huge mouth - and I'm not afraid to use it. 24+ years of being a jarhead doesn't make for a quiet or shy type of gal. I am just me, no more - no less and usually not at all what you expect. OORAH I first came to Penguicon in 2006, while working undercover. My assignment was to locate potential new software that could be used, encoded and encrypted, in place of current operational software our unit was running. What I found…… well I can't tell you the results, but I can say many lives were saved due to what I learn that, and every subsequent year of Penguicon Attendance. Some years, I literally flew in via military helicopter, changed out of BDU's in a car and arrived at Penguicon coming from far off, war torn places. If you all only realized the impact Penguicon had. :) And after finding all the epic things we needed, and working in the consuite, how could I not come back year after year? In a way, I owe Penguicon….thankfully! :D

For Penguicon 2012 &2013 I am on the ConCom as Head of Hospitality and I manage the ConSuite! No Sporks for you! :P

Penguicon Roles

Penguicon Year Job
Penguicon 2013 2013 Head of Hospitality, ConCom
Penguicon 2012 2012 Head of Hospitality, ConCom, Hack of Honor Liaison
Penguicon 2011 2011 ConSuite, Staff
Penguicon 2010 2010 Food Track Head/ConSuite, Staff
Penguicon 7.0 2009 ConSuite, Staff
Penguicon 6.0 2008 ConSuite, Staff, Maid of Arrrgh
Penguicon 5.0 2007 Smoking ConSuite, Penguin

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