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Current marketing includes reaching out to technical podcasts and local tech organizations for advertisement, sponsorship, room parties, and programming so that they have a reason to reach out to their own audience about Penguicon.

We also have produced videos, including Guest of Honor interviews and promotional footage for Penguicon. We heavily push the “What is Penguicon?” video as a primary method of interaction with people new to the convention.

Official Youtube playlist

We also produced a few hundred promotional business cards for staff, ConCom, and loyal attendees to pass out on an individual basis when discussing Penguicon. These were very successful in 2014.

We produced many Penguicon stickers which we made available at our public events and ConCom meetings, as well as during our 2014 Nerdcore Music event in Ann Arbor. For 2015, we printed the usual blue stickers as well as about 150 limited edition red Penguicon stickers.

We made a Penguicon shirt available through RedBubble that people can purchase any time (along with other RedBubble surfaces like posters and mousepads), to complement our official yearly T-shirts through Offworld Press.

Current 2015 Flyer (as of January)

2015 Press Release

We also found a huge cache of window clings of our logo from Years Past, and have made them available to others at our events.

Penguicon 2012 flyer, listing John Scalzi and Jim Gettys.

Current marketing push will include ad swaps with other Midwest conventions, amongst other things.

Conventions like: ConClave WindyCon Midwest Furfest? SMOFcon? Confusion Capricon Marscon Marcon FilkOntario Millennicon? Ad Astra!! Duckon Convergence InConJunction Visioncon


One major source of local publicity is throwing a room party in a hotel suite at other conventions, just like they do at ours. Our room party is called CafePenguicon.

Penguicon 5.0, 4-Up postcard, letter-size. Updated (Black and White) Updated - March 23, 2007

Penguicon 5.0, mailer legal-size paper, double parallel fold. (Black and White) Updated - March 23, 2007

Old pieces for archival purposes:


Download color Penguicon tabbed flyer, posted April 2006.

Download color Penguicon flyer, four up on one 8.5"x11" page, posted March 2006.

Download black and white Penguicon 4 ad, posted October 2005.

Download black and white Penguicon 4 ad, two-up on one page, posted October 2005.

Download color Penguicon 4 ad, posted October 2005.

Download color Penguicon 4 ad, two-up on one page, posted October 2005.

Submit our event to the event list of - Done.

Ask DianeFrkan if she can search the following sites to find contact info where we can purchase web banner ad impressions. – – – ArsTechnica – – – –, which is the umbrella organization handling all the advertising for slashdot, thinkgeek, sourceforge, freshmeat,, newsforge.

remember to contact Spencer Katt of eWeek

remember web search engine

When we post flyers on campuses, indicate that $ are comped for volunteers

Movie slides

Google AdWords

Fandom Directory sells contact info

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