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Hospitality is the nerve center of the three most important things at Penguicon: you, food & beer! While Operations is about the people, Programming is about the events, and Facilities is managing the hotel contracts,(so we can have you, food & beer,) the movement of our equipment, (so we can serve you, food & beer,) and maintaining the infrastructure of the con; the reality is, Consuite and it's food & beer make up most of Hospitality's To-Do list and we're by far, the most epic Hospitality suite in all of fandom.

This year, the Head of Hospitality (and thus your Consuite which is for you, food & beer,) is handled by Cylithria Dubois.


  • ConSuite - Providing yep, you guessed it; food & beer - for you. Did I mention it's free with the cost of admission?? Free…free as in beer!
  • Shasta Cafe - A one spot, pit-stop for attendees to swing through, pick up a beverage of the non-alcoholic type during their busy con-day. Often a gathering place where people consume goodies from the consuite and enjoy great friendships, both new and old!
  • Go Room - A secret, secure location for the Head of Hospitality to stash the GOH's away from the con and keep them all to herself! Technically, a private dining area where our special guests can relax for a moment.
  • LN2 Ice Cream - Working with 2014 Featured Guests, Sarah Elkins and Phil Salkie, Hospitality provides Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream to the con, thru the con. This year, LN2 is located in the main consuite for even more LN2 goodness to go around!
  • Open Soda -Bill Putt and Anthony Distel along with the many members of the Dev team bring back this crowd favorite to our Consuite. Fresh tapped, open sourced soda - can it get any better?
  • Food Track Event Coordination - Coordinating and maintaining a working partnership with our Head of Food Track Programming and Food Track Panelists as we bring you even more food & beer, or panels about them! To schedule a Food Track Panel, contact [email protected] and we'll see you in the ConSuite.
  • DeadDog Party - The “holy mother of all that is geeky, we lived through it” party held after Pcon is over, but before any of us actually goes home! typically starting after Closing Ceremonies, around 5:00pm, this years DeadDog will be held in the same place as our ConSuite! It is also the place where the Head of Hospitality tells you to eat whatever is left because, “I ain't lugging this crap outta here!”

Getting Involved

If you want to get involved, the first step is to let us know! At this time the Hospitality Department is allocated 14 Staff member positions for Consuite duties. Becoming a Staff Member entitles you to certain perks; extreme nearness to the food, first hand knowledge of what is next on the menu, and a Badge Registration rate of $25.00 for the weekend instead of $50.00!

To find out more on how you can become Staff or to make a suggestion for any of our departments, contact our Head of Hospitality, Cylithria Dubois at [email protected] and let her know.

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