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What/Who is Chuck Child?

I still consider myself a NeoFan. I have been to 3 cons, am starting to make friends in Fandom, and am a regular attendee of MOFO. I have been reading Fantasy since I was 8 (Terry Brooks - The Sword of Shanara) and ScienceFiction since I was 9 (Jules Verne - 40,000 Leagues Under The Sea). These days I read Niven, Clarke, Heinlein, Spider Robinson, Anne McCaffrey, Varley, Richard Bach, Ursula LeGuinn, Etc .. . And am constantly looking for more, as I have mostly read everything any of those authors have ever published.

At the moment (October 17, 2005) I am working with MattArnold, and BillPutt, on OpenCola. I have found a lot more information than they had available, and hopefully it will help in my current Bill-Suggested quest to produce a “more Pepsi like” open cola.

I am a Network Engineer, and general computer enthusiast. By that I mean, when they come up with a mind-computer interface, I will be the first in line to have one installed. I work on computers and networks at work, and then come home and work and play on my own.

As of now, I am a Microsoft engineer. I am slowly working toward Linux knowledge, however the first version of Linux I ever used (Gentoo) took more skill and knowledge than I could bring to bear, and so I aborted. MattArnold has indicated that he will help me with my next pass, and so, hopefully, I will be more successful.

And, of course, I wonder what the future will bring.

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