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2013 Description

The Penguicon ConSuite has become legendary in the Open Source/Sci-Fi convention-dom. When you walk into our Consuite, you are in for a real treat! Not only is the ConSuite a place to relax, take a load off, participate in some great programming, and enjoy the company of 20 or 30 of your friends, it's the one place at Penguicon you can come and grab some of those salty, sweet, healthy, snacks you crave, make a sandwich, grab a pop or even a beer (ID Required) and it's all Free….free as in beer!

Where is the 2013 Penguicon ConSuite at? We're hoping to be located in the same place as last year, the 4th Floor, end of the long hall, but until our Conchair announces our location, date and time, I can't be positive. So don't quote me on that, yet! What you can know right now is the beer will be with us, and Food Track should be right there too. Combine those with all the food and drink we sereve and you will definitely love our consuite. Did I mention that our ConSuite is free with your Penguicon 2013 Badge Registration?? It is! Free…free as in Beer!

While we do our best to provide for every registered attendee, we will be honest with you, if you rely on the ConSuite for your nourishment needs the entire con, you will die! We can state that we aim to bring you a deluxe style ConSuite and we hope to see you there!

Penguicon's 2012's Hack of Honor, Open Soda will be making another epic presence throughout the entire con, in The ConSuite and convention favorite Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream is also making a return! So after your 5 hours of sleep, shower and 2 good meals a day, swing on by the ConSuite and visit us. We'll be rocking the epic in ways even Jer can't imagine! ;)

The Head of Penguicon 2012 &2013 Hospitality is handled by Cylithria Dubois [email protected]

If you'd like to sponsor the ConSuite or have any questions, suggestions or information please don't hesitate to contact Cylithria at [email protected]

For those of you interested on how a ConSuite is managed, keep reading as Cylithria and her staff work from now until the end of Penguicon to bring you the best damn ConSuite in the Midwest! (This will be in a constant state of Updates. Keep Checking Back!)

Current Year Information: 2013

TBA upon release of Hotel Information by our 2013 Penguicon Conchair, Sarah Slovick!

Stay tuned for further details


by Cylithria Dubois

  • Beer Titan Cylithria Dubois - "Lithie": ConSuite Beer Meister - 24 Hour On Call, Checks Ice Levels, Taps, Kegs, Jockey Boxes Regs, Fittings, Fixtures and Proceedures. Trains Beer Troll Staff. Handles issues regarding beer during the convention. (Part time Shasta Misstress too!)

ConSuite Staff Application & Duties. We Need You!

No ConSuite is ever managed by a singular person. If anyone ever tells you otherwise, they ate too much funny smelling lunch meat! The reality is, an exceptional ConSuite is pulled off by a team of Convention Attendees. The ConSuite for 2012 is no different then past years, and because of that, I need YOU to become part of our team. I want you as Staff!

Staff Members of the ConSuite come from all walks of The Penguicon Convention and work various hours to fulfill their staff positions. Because of this, there are some perks to the Job. Being close to the food while it is hot. First in line eating privies. $25.00 registration fee instead of $50.00. The ability to hang out with nearly everyone at Penguicon, because they all eventually end up at the ConSuite :D

Staff members are required to work a minimum of 10 scheduled hours. For these 10 hours of work, Staff Members only pay $25.00 for their Penguicon Badge Registration. These hours do not have to be served during the Con itself. This year we are slated to offer some Staff Members the added bonus of working during Pack In (Thursday, April 26th) and Pack Out (Monday, April 30th). During Pack In or Pack Out days, every hour worked, counts as two. So for those lucky staffers who can be present on Thursday or Monday, you could work 5 hours and still be comped $25.00 Badge Rate - AND have your Penguicon free!

For those Staff Members unable to make the Thursday or Monday days, there is still plenty of excellent, fun jobs to be had. Cylithria will have in place, prior to the Con, a schedule for every one of the 14 Staff Member Penguicon is affording us this year. I'll work with you to try and make sure you are NOT scheduled during that epic panel you want to be at while making certain you fulfill the 10 hour requirement too!

The best thing about becoming ConSuite Staff is, you don't have to have prior experience to join us. If you are willing to learn, able to help and want to be part of one of the most legendary ConSuites in Conventiondom, I want YOU! 90% of the friends I look forward to seeing once a year, I met through the ConSuite. To this day, I work it because I really do get to be around everyone at con, and guess what, I never have to look for them - they come to me - In the ConSuite! :D

What do you do as ConSuite Staff? Read Below for the short answers:

Various Duties of ConSuite Staff:

*Beer Troll Staff - The Beer Troll Position will only be handled by Staff Members, so this one is up for grabs by anyone 21 years of age or older. You will be stationed with the Beer, and as an Attendee presents their legally valid ID, you will draw them a beer and hand it to them. Simple as that. We provide seating (if you like,) and make sure you get breaks or help during busy times, and we definitely make certain you get some of that Hot Food too! (Beer Trolls even earn a special Ribbon denoting to all of the Con that you are in fact, A Beer Troll)

*ConSuite Staff - Working with the dual Suites , you will be assigned various tasks that you and your Volunteer Penguins get done during your shift. Pop Tubs will need to be filled (and re-filled,) Food items replenished, food items heated, cooked or warmed. Clean Up of the suites will be on going in small increments and basically you chat it up with our fellow Penguicon Attendees, keeping the suites running smoothly. Because every set of Staffers will also have Volunteer (penguins) in the Suite working with you, you won't be stuck with all the tasks, all the time.

*Pack In/Pack Out Staff - Pack In is scheduled for sometime during the morning, early afternoon hours of Thursday, April 26th. Pack In Staffers will be meeting with Cylithria and Dan Eckerd of Logistics at an assigned, secret location (some loading area of the hotel) and we'll be using hand carts and dolly to transport the ConSuite's possessions and food items up to room 404. Due to the nature of this type of work, we do offer a double hour system on Pack In (Or Pack Out) Day(s). For every one hour you work on Thursday (or Monday), you earn 2 hours towards your 10 hour minimum. Pack Out Staff also do the same thing, except in reverse. Monday, April 30th we box it all up and carry it back down to that secret location (loading area) and get it the hell out of the Hyatt! Pack Out Staff also earn Double Hours.

*Be Advised: Pack In/Pack Out requires lifting, and or sorting, good organizational skills. If you have any limitations but wish to be part of the Pack In/ Pack Out, email me and we can see if this duty is right for you!

Staff members of ConSuite will be receiving weekly email updates from me, as news becomes available. I hope each will make suggestions, speak up when they see a potential problem and definitely ask if there is something they want to learn while being in the ConSuite.

To become a member of the ConSuite Staff, please fill out the following ConSuite Staff Application: (once it opens)

ConSuite Inventory from Cube

Each Year the Penguicon ConSuite has certain items that get packed up and stored until the next years convention. Items such as coffee makers, utensils, the tubs we hold pop in, and a bazillionty and one plastic knives. (Why don't you all use the knives? Why? It's a mystery of the ConSuite….)

Each year the incoming Head of Hospitalty is responsible for the inventory of ConSuite's Possessions. This means getting a proper pre-con inventory, keeping track of that inventory as Logistics brings it from the Cube to the Convention Hotel, managing the inventory during the convention itself, packing up and returning that inventory via coordination with Logistics, to the Penguicon Storage Cube.

Inventory of ConSuite Items completed by Cylithria Dubois on 2/11/2012. A link to Inventory will be placed here shortly.

Consuite Supplies to be Purchased

The Stuff We Buy For PCon. (Filling in at another time)

Things to Do

  • Fix your fucked up scheduling of staff Lithie!!!!! (Lesson learned)
  • Prepare to open Staff Application once Hotel Contract secured.
  • Put together rules listings for function spaces
  • Put together list of rules for ConSuite Staff
  • Create Pack In- Pack Out Segments to this page, add info and staff to it.
  • Determine and get to [email protected] the Volunteer schedule needs and #'s
    • Function Spaces - designate coffee bar area, pop area, cold foods, hot foods, breakfast foods areas.
      • Ops is to be immediately notified of all spills that do not immediately mop up (i.e. are still wet/discolored after taken care of)
      • Head of Hospitality to be immediately notified of any emergency issues that might arise. (IE: Fights (Food or physical), Broken Anything, Accidents, Injuries, yada yada yada (insert various items as needed)
    • Consuite
      • No bags of trash will be left in a carpeted area
      • No bags of cans will be left in a carpeted area
        • Try the storage room bathroom/bathtub
      • Room will be vacuumed at least once per staff shift
      • Is 'don't get us kicked out of a hotel' a 'rule item'? (YES Jer, it is now! :D)

Outstanding Questions

This is a running, active list of outstanding questions. If it is in Italics, an answer has not yet been given.

  • Pack In Time: Departments Involved: Hotel@ & Logistics@
    • Noon(ish) on Thursday before the Con: Is This Possible For 2013?
    • Has Hotel@ Arranged our use of Service Elevators?</del>
    • Has Hotel@ arranged for use of Hand Carts/Dollys</del> Note: Use only Hotel Equip. Use QUICKLY
    • Does @Logistics know we will fill nearly 100 % of 24 foot rental truck with Food Purchase and Cube Pick up? Note: AV/Other Run(s) often done before or after Consuite Packs in
  • Food Track Panel Space
    • 402 is ConSuite shared space. (Maybe?)
    • Verify times & days of Food Track Panel Events - Food Track will provide Schedule of events, Lithie will print and post it in 403 ConSuite Storage A for all Staff to see.
  • ConSuite
    • Broom, dustpan & vacuum in room Yes, requested placement in ConSuite Room 403
    • Trash pickup - Yes, Get schedule from Jer
    • Ice Delivery? - Arranged, Get Schedule from Jer
    • Full Bags of Pop Cans will be temporarily stored in Bathroom. Arrange for Logistics to allow us to move bags into Logistics Truck until Pack Out/Return.
  • Green Room
    • Private dining area, perhaps? (Green room being worked out with Hotel via Facilities Manager) ←- not my issue. I do GoH Decidable Dessert Reception
  • Signage & Program Book Blurb
    • Want a cool sign!
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Return of Pop Cans?
    • Are Boxes for recycle given to hotel staff at trash pick up? [YES]
    • Do we carpet plastic floors? [OH HELL YES]

Getting Involved

If you want to get involved, the first step is to let us know! At this time the Hospitality Department(ConSuite) is allocated 14 Staff member positions for Consuite duties. Becoming a Staff Member entitles you to certain perks; extreme nearness to the food, first hand knowledge of what is next on the menu, and a Badge Registration rate of $25.00 for the weekend instead of $50.00!

To find out more on how you can become Staff or to make a suggestion for any of our departments, contact our Head of Hospitality, Cylithria Dubois at [email protected] and let her know.

Questions can be directed to Cylithria Dubois, Our Head of Hospitality.

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