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The operations department is responsible for the smooth running of the weekend's event. Ops coordinates with Program Ops, the Hotel Liaison, the ConChair, and others to solve emerging issues (from rooms without equipment, to lost and found, to incident management). Ops also staffs an on-site booth.

The Head of Operations is a member of the ConCom who works throughout the year to establish policies and procedures to be implemented by the heads of On-Site Ops and Program Ops.


  • On-Site Operations (or Ops as it is called) is the nerve center of the convention during the operating hours of the convention. Lost something or someone? Got a question, problem or emergency? Visit the friendly and knowledgeable folks in Ops. They may not know the answer, but they'll probably know where to get it.
  • Program Operations - Program Operations is the link between Programming and Operations, and handles issues with programming during the convention. Missing a presenter? Need to cancel or move a panel? Now you need Program Ops. This group also handles room counts and gives the signal to presenters that the end of a panel is coming.

We can also be reached via Twitter via @PenguiProblems or by phone at 248-560-7364 (PENG). Please note that these contact methods are only in operation during the weekend of the convention.

Prior to that weekend, please email us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

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