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When imagining a convention founded on open source technology, it may not seem immediately apparent how an entire track of programming could focus on costumes. Something happened along the way, however, to bring this element to Penguicon, and the tradition continues to this day.

As Penguicon dived further into technology sharing, it also began to shape itself as a convention which embraces geek culture in general. With the rise in popularity of comic-based conventions, so did too the practice of cosplay and other forms of costuming fun. Penguicon's events bring out the same love of fantasy and science fiction, and thus costuming became more and more prominent.

Each year, an annual Masquerade takes place to showcase attendee costumes. The 2011 Masquerade will feature the best in Cyber Punk. But costuming is not limited to one event. Throughout the weekend, any number of attendees will enjoy the panels, demonstrations, and other activities dressed in full costume. Spontaneous activities have been born out of groups dressing in similar genres – such as the 2010 Tea Party and Scavenger Hunt, featuring characters from Alice in Wonderland or the 2011 World of Warcraft Raid Party – featuring costumed members of the Horde, and occasional appearances by the 501st Legion.

The fun is not limited to costume-wearing, however, as yearly panels are directed at helping attendees plan and construct costumes of all shapes and sizes, and suitable for all genres, such as the 2011 workshop “Garrosh Wants You.

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