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Current Treasurer

The Treasurer for Penguicon 2011 is Amanda Long-Adams

Job Description

Directly administers, and tracks, the flow of convention funds. This person's name is on the checking account along with the Producer and the Conchair/Chief of Staff. Receives all incoming funds, makes deposits and withdrawals at the bank, writes the checks to pay the debts of the convention, and makes an accurate accounting of this activity when required. Works closely with the Producer.


  • To get reimbursed, you must fill out an expense report form.
    • Both you and your department head must sign it
    • It must be turned in no more than 30 days following the expenditure (or by the end of the convention weekend, whichever comes first)
      • Rare exceptions will be made in advance only
  • Reimbursement is made contingent upon updating the wiki
    • This means, if you don't update your part of the wiki, no monies for you!

Forms and Downloads

Past Treasurers

Name Penguicon Year
Amanda Long-Adams Penguicon 2011 2011
Amanda Long-Adams Penguicon 2010 2010
Jessi Zerwas Penguicon 7.0 2009
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