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About The Programming Team

The Programming team is in charge of putting together the amazing array of events that happens during Penguicon!

Head of Programming

The head of programming oversees the programming team. The responsibilities of the head of programming include:

  • Work together with the ConChair and the ConCom.
  • Select the Programming staff.
  • Set the budget for all tracks and events.
  • Provide support for track heads and program coordinators.
  • Assist the track heads in recruiting panelists.
  • Ensure tech and space needs are met for each event.
  • Create the event schedule (with the help of the track heads).
  • Generate a list of all events and panelists for Program Ops.
  • Generate a list of all staff and panelists receiving discounts for Registration.
  • Check and respond to emails daily.
  • Plan and run monthly Programming meetings.
  • Attend monthly ConCom meetings.
  • Attend Penguicon.

Track Heads

Each track head is in charge of a specific area of programming at the con. The responsibilities of a track head include:

  • Generate a list of ideas for programming in the track area, including panels, workshops, demonstrations, and solo talks.
  • Contact the community for ideas for programming, connections related to the track area, and possible panelists
  • Invite successful panelists from previous years
  • Visit or contact local organizations related to the track area to get them involved
  • Invite people to participate on panels
  • Communicate with panelists in the track area; collect contact information, a paragraph for the program book, and needs for panel spaces
  • Work with Head of Programming to communicate all information about panelists and on all aspects of the track area
  • Work with the Treasurer to spend the budget responsibly
  • Generate ideas for possible Featured Guests in the track area, and submit them to Head of Programming for approval
  • Communicate with Featured Guests
  • Check and respond to emails daily.
  • Attend all Programming meetings
  • Attend Penguicon and oversee track as needed

Program Coordinators

A program coordinator is in charge of planning a special event at the con, such as the Geek Prom or the Masquerade. Their responsibilities include:

  • Generate a list of what needs to be done in order to plan and execute the program
  • Take all actions needed to execute the program
  • Work directly with Head of Programming on all aspects of the program
  • Work with the Treasurer to spend the budget responsibly
  • Communicate with the community to share information and generate excitement about the program
  • Check and respond to emails daily.
  • Attend all Programming meetings
  • Attend Penguicon and oversee the program

Programming Planning

What to work on right now

Track heads:

  • Invite back successful presenters from last year (check Drive and email for contact info and lists, can also contact last year’s track head or look at last year’s program book)
  • Maintain a list of who you have contacted using the Spreadsheet template
  • Research ideas for Featured Guests in your track
  • Submit proposed Featured Guests to Janet by September 15
  • Seek out new presenters and new ideas for programming

Program Coordinators:

  • Work on whatever needs to be done for planning your program

Useful Documents

How to use your budget – budgetprocess.pdf

Programming Meeting Notes

January Meeting Agenda – 2017janprogrammingmeetingagenda.pdf

Past Programming Information

Visit this page for information about programming at past Penguicons.

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