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What is the Computer Lounge?

A place to hang out, check your e-mail, learn about Linux, networking and the world of computers. Organized by Penguicon staff, and will be manned by Penguicon Network Operations Center (NOC) Team members.

Hours of operation are tentatively planned for 9am - 2am Friday and Saturday, and 9am - 2pm on Sunday. NOC personal will be on call during off hours to respond to network incidents and emergencies.

We are currently looking for Linux, Unix, FreeBSD, Mac, and even Windows users group to set up and run a table in the computer lounge. This year, the network will be a manged by the newly minted Penguicon Network staff.

The Penguicon network design documents are up, Click on the link for more detail. Network Wrangler


The Lounge will be divided into 4 sections.

  • Terminals
    • Between 10 and 20 Publicly available terminals running Ubuntu 9.10, hardware still being located.
  • Open Public Space
    • Between 10-20 open spaces for people to bring in either labtops or desktops to plug into the Public network
  • Demo
  • Area reserved for User groups to place demo systems and show off technology
  • Staff
  • Network for NOC staff and Presenters who have special network requirements.


  • Swiches
    • Planning for 100mb to each desktop and 1gig backbone and server connections.
  • Power
  • Exact power requirements will be determined closer to CON, it depends on the number of systems.
  • Design
  • Room layout will be similar to a 50-70 person LAN environment.

How Can I Get a Table in the Lounge?

We are currently in the planning stages, if you are interested in running a table, helping our, or just want to say hello… why don't you fire an e-mail to us

We look forward to hearing from you.

Current Tables in the Lounge

None! Why don't you or your user's group start one up?

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