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This page is currently under heavy editing by AaronThul. If you know someone who wants to participate in registration please contact AaronThul.

Registration - (noun) the action or process of registering or of being registered
The [[concom]] job of registration encompasses some major actions
  • Maintain the registration database
  • Preregister people from website and marketing events before the event
  • Print and manage badges
  • Organize Staff and at convention registration
  • Register individuals at the door
  • Collecting funds due to Penguicon
  • Report on registration over the year and at the event

The convention badge, displaying each attendee's name and membership number and (if desired) fannish nickname. Each years badge design is unique to that convention.

Badge Numbers

Each badge has a number that links the badge to the complete details of the attendee. Badge numbers are sequencial and usually start at one for the conchair. Numbers start counting up from there first to the gohs then concom followed by staff and then pre-registered attendees.

New registration tasks for 2010
  • Accepting Credit Cards
  • Web system that allows registered attendees to manage their extra items (beef, shirts & LAN Party)
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