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The ConSuite Beer Troll is a long standing Staff Member position within Penguicon and is managed by the Head of Hospitality. Penguicon's Beer Trolls are responsible for not only ensuring that no underage attendee receives any of the free beer Penguicon provides during the con, but Beer Trolls also maintain the beer flow during the convention itself. Should a problem arise with the taps, the keg set ups, or if kegs need exchanging, the Beer Troll works hard to keep everything running as it should. Beer Trolls are also responsible for making sure that if you do not have Valid, Legal, Government ID - you also have no beer!

Don't feed our Beer Trolls folks, they won't ever flame back, they will simply report you.


  • Read & Sign the current years Penguicon Alcohol Serving Rules & Responsibilities paperwork. (to be provided as soon as I have it)
  • No Drinking any alcohol while on duty.
  • Check the ID's of every person requesting a beer/hard cider, every time they request one! 1 ID gets 1 Cup. No two fisting beer, or pitchers or other large containers.
  • Always maintain a polite, civil attitude towards ALL Attendees, even if they grow angry to you! Report 'problem attendees' to Head of Hospitality and Ops, immediately.
  • Obtain instruction on proper beer pouring if new to the job of Beer Trolling.
  • Shut down ALL Taps in the event of cataclismic equipment failure which has lead to leakage of any kind. Notify Head of Hospitality AND Operations immediately.
  • Only leave your Beer Troll Post when another suitable, approved Staff Member is there to relieve you.
  • Laugh gently at Drunken Shenanigans as you see them. (Hee hee hee, this should be perk not a responsibility!)
  • Have Fun! Laugh at bad ID Pictures, converse and make new friends!
  • Get highly coveted Beer Troll Ribbon from Head of Hospitality.

2016 Beer Trolls

If you would like to sign up to become a ConSuite Beer Troll & Staff Member, please email [email protected] Indicate on your application you are interested in Beer Trolling. Cylithria "Lithie" Dubois will respond as soon as possible and we'll get you ready for Beer trolling the 2016 way! :)

ID's that will be accepted are:

  • Current, State Issued ID Card
  • Current, State Issued Drivers License
  • Current Military ID Card
  • Current US Passport

Current is defined as being “Not expired”. If your ID is expired, it is not Valid and will not be accepted.


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