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Every year there are several room parties at Penguicon. In fact, there is a special room block set aside for these parties. The room party coordinator collects data from those willing to throw a party at the convention, organizes it, and sends it to the hotel liaison. The liaison will then inform the room party coordinator what parties are in which rooms and then it is up to the room party person to relay that information to those who need/want it.

Performing the Job

About six months out from the convention it's good to send out emails to the general mail list and to those who threw parties the previous year as a reminder to plan early if they are interested. Planning early will ensure placement in the room party block as well as advertising on the room party page of the Penguicon site, and in the souvenir/schedule book(s).

Data to be collected from room party participants is:

  • Reservation Number
  • Name on the Reservation
  • Room requirements (king, double, bed removal, chairs, etc)
  • Name of organization throwing the party (if applicable)
  • Party Night(s)
  • Title/Theme of the Party
  • Small Blurb about the party (activities, explanation of title/theme, organization website, etc)

The reservation number, name, and room requirements is between the hotel liaison and room party coordinator and is used only to place the party in the party block. The remaining data is used for advertisement of the party.

Room Party Competition

If there will be a room party competition voting ballots will need to be created as well as a ballot box to be placed in or around operations. A notification to operations is required if placed there. Prizes for the competition winners will need to be approved by the Convention Chair. Suggestions for prizes are:

  • Free membership to the next Pengucion
  • Free hotel room for one night at the next Penguicon
  • Penguicon T-Shirt

Goodie Bags

Another option for the room party coordinator is goodie bags. These are small bags of various items put together for those who are throwing parties. A budget for room parties will need to be approved by the Convention Chair. Suggestions for goodies are:

  • door stoppers
  • voting ballots (if applicable)
  • Tylenol or Advil (something to help with the hangovers)
  • antacids
  • something fun (glow sticks, random toys, etc. I suggest the dollar store.)
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