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Positions: Head of Programming; Participant in WoW Scavenger Hunt as 'Clavenger.'
Badge Name: Clavenger
Talks included: “Fictional Drinks and Drinking in Fiction”; “Be Prepared: A Guide to Not Dying Like a Nitwit”
Loved: Extra bowls of LN2 ice cream!
Hated: Trying to make everything fit into the schedule.
Ribbons: “Clavenger's Crew”; “Try the tulaberry wine”; “Hold on I'm Watching This”

Yes, this is a word cloud of this page shaped like Abe Lincoln.  What's your point?.


Positions: Track Head: Mayhem; Assistant to Head of Programming; MC of The Masquerade; Participant in WoW Scavenger Hunt as 'Thogreer.'
Badge Name: Thogreer
Events organized: “Sangria Tasting,” “Lego Free for All,” “Ribbon Fairy,” & “Zombie Tag.”
Loved: (1) The Pirate Room Party; (2) The Dude came to the Geek Prom; (3) 15 x RitFwaP (Someone out there knows what that means.)
Hated: Forgot to do Paint-n-Take this year :(
Ribbons: (1) Thogreer Lives! (2) Me encanta la sangria (3) Zombie Bite - You're It (4) Been Chewing on People


Positions: Track Head - Life, After Dark, Food, Costuming, Mayhem.
Badge Name: Jorge Patel
Talks included: “Surviving the Apocalypse,” “Leather Costuming,” “Screen Printing Workshop,” “Resumes and Career Renovation,” & “Garrosh Wants You!”
Loved: Howard Taylor crossed through a sea of WoW cosplayers to compliment me on my costume.
Hated: Five tracks? Over 70 hours or programming? 10 hours as a presenter? Was I insane?
Ribbons: (1) For Da Horde! (2) Zombie Bite! (3) I saw Jorge Patel (4) BRAAAINSSS!!!


Positions: Panelist with the Eco Track.
Talks included: “Using Straight Edge Razors”, “Customized Screen Printing at Home”, “Tea Party with Alice 'n' the Mad Hatter,” & “Eco Feedback.”
Badge Name: Jorge Patel
Loved: Forever became a ribbon fiend.
Hated: Forever became a ribbon fiend.
Ribbon: Insomniac's Paradise


First attendance at Penguicon.
Badge Name: Tim
Loved: The guy playing video game themes on the grand piano and cheeseburgers in the Consuite!
Hated: No Wil Wheaton.

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