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Nuri Gocay is the Convention Chair for 2015.

His previous roles with Penguicon also include:

Convention Chair - 2014, Hotel Liaison - 2013, Hotel Assistant - 2012, Penguicon TV - 2010-2012

Nuri first found Penguicon thanks to James Gamble in 2010. Nuri and James devised the idea, got on a conference call with Jer Lance, and before you know it, was flying to planning meetings (from Seattle at the time) and sleeping in the basement of Randy Bradakis and Sheryl Bradakis.

Nuri is a vegetarian, and presents panels each year on the food track on topics such as how to prepare tasty vegetarian food, lessen personal consumption of meat, or go completely without it. Nuri also is involved with the ConChair roast and notorious “Flirting for Geeks” panel.

Nuri, along with his wife Janet, moved from New York City to the Metro Detroit area to be closer to the community. By day, he is a Cisco Contact Center Architect for a large professional services firm headquartered in NYC. Nuri programs in WPF and VB.NET, and has 14 years of experience in the IT industry.

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