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Internal Communications

IntComm is to some degree our community manager. They keep people talking, they inform our audience, and they keep the conversations going in the right direction.

This means IntComm, with the help of the Head of Communications is expected to participate in our community with professionalism, but also with the humor we're known for. They have an important role in keeping people excited about the con.


- Keep people in the know about our meetings - generally the month before. Create a Penguicon event, make a post, link to facebook and twitter. Remind people the week before with a link back to our post and/or the event.

- Inform people about important things related to penguicon - decisions that come out of staff meetings, new information about panels and projects for penguicon 2014, new guests of honor, and the like. This means IntComm should read our FAQ, our ConCom meeting notes, our Penguicon calendar, and keep in regular contact with the Head of Comm.

- Keep the GoH's in the minds of our members. Once we have all our GoHs, once a month pick one of them and post links to recent interviews and/or projects.

- Maintain the peace. As Scalzi has called it, the loving mallet of correction where necessary, and being helpful elsewise. If IntComm or the website don't have an answer, don't hesitate to ping the Head of Communications or the concom member responsible to get an answer, and if THEY don't answer, we'll get on them for it.

IntComm should be in frequent contact with the Head of Communications, discussing topics that need disseminating, major decisions on banning or warning participants, and ideas for otherwise keeping our members interested in following us.

The Head of Comm should be providing a schedule on where and when certain posts should go out (such as GoH reminder posts), and assist in understanding the process… but please don't hesitate to be proactive.

Once we have a forum set up, IntComm should be involved there, directly or indirectly keeping posting going, including occasionally referencing the forum on twitter and facebook. The Head of Comm will also be active in the forums.

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