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Penguicon After Dark

Penguicon is wonderfully open to people of every sexual orientation, relationship format, gender, and so on. The After Dark track in particular provides a space where new-and-curious folks can get a gentle introduction to topics like polyamory, BDSM, gender differences, and other things that don't always get a great treatment out there in the mainstream world. It gives folks a place to learn, meet like-minded people, and compare notes on life. However, the After Dark track has the potential to be an even better resource for the geek community, and I'd like to help make that happen.

What we are working on for the After Dark Track this year:

  • More structured, informative after dark presentations presented by voices of experience.
  • More presentations that are attractive to folks who aren't newbies any more.
  • Content and events that bring newbies and experienced people together.
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